State of Russian ice dance drama [09.03.2018]

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Friday is a day of Russian ice dance drama)

Ekaterina Bobrova congratulates all the women with International Women’s day

Ekaterina Bobrova

Ekaterina and Dmitri in new photoshoot for Russian magazine “OK”

Bobrova Soloviev

There were some rumours that Dima may continue his career with another partner. Here’s Dima’s comment that he’s also taking a break:

In the near future I plan to take my mind off the figure skating and take care of the accumulated business. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, we just started to recover after difficult February. Like Katya, I’m tired physically, emotionally and mentally, but I feel that in the future I’ll still have the strength and ability to prove myself.

I still have what to prove in professional sports, I’m sure of it. I understand that I will miss adrenaline while I’m not in sports. I want to compete, but for now I’m taking a break.

Dmitri Soloviev

While Nikita works hard in Elena Ilinykh’s academy, Victoria takes part in a wonderful photoshoot!

Victoria Sinitsina

Victoria Sinitsina

Victoria SinitsinaVictoria Sinitsina

Alexndra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin in Averbukh’s show

Stepanova Bukin

Anastasia Skoptcova and Kirill Aleshin – leaders after the short dance at the World Junior Championships

Alla Loboda – vacations in Rome

Elena Ilinykh in Tver, ready for next master-class

Elena Ilinykh

best photos of previous week [02.03.2018]


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