State of Russian ice dance drama [02.03.2018]

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Olympics are over so I can get back to usual schedule. As you probably remember Friday is a day for Russian ice dance drama, endless and ongoing.

Elena and Nikita were our main newsmakers. Oh like old times. Elena and Julia opened their skating academy and announced a special guest for their first master-class. How surprised we all were that this special guest is Nikita. To see them on the same ice again, skating close to each other….shock) Oh all this smiles and Elena’s “Nikita has the best knees in the world”….They blew up skating forums. Elena knows how to drag attention….even during the Olympics where she’s not even competing)

Elen Ilinykh Nikita Katsalapov

I have an idea. The Russian skating federation should send them to Worlds. No, no they don’t need any dances. They will skate at the 6-minute warm-up, steal the show and demoralise the rivals. Mission accomplished.

And on the background of all this talks, memories of old times, fans who saw some hope…..Victoria Sinitsina was posting photos of her and Nikita, her and his presents with comments like “One breath”.

Victoria Sinitsina

Situation in Russian ice dance becomes more and more interesting. Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev are not going to Worlds (Tiffany and John will replace them) and for sure are going to skip at least one season.

Bobrova Soloviev

We announced that we are not going to the World Championships. We really gave a lot of energy to the Olympics. We skated there two programs in the team, and two in the individual competition. We bet everything on the Games. We gave everything and we are happy to have such an amazing ending of this season. Now Dmitri and I will take a break for a season, and then as God willing, maybe, we will return back to sports.

Finishing a career? Who knows. I want to have children. Dima is building a family. We want to try some other aspects of life. We spent our whole life in figure skating. Will see. If in a year everything will be fine and we will feel the strength and confidence in continuing our career, then we will definitely return, because we love it. – Katya said.

But there are some rumours that Dima may continue with another partner…..

Dmitri Soloviev

There are also some rumours around Pavel Drozd….Since Angelique Abachkina and Louis Thauron splitted up and Angelique is looking for a new partner, some fans suggested that she can be interested in Pavel because he’s a good skater and they will look good together. I have no idea why, maybe because they both have curls)

Meanwhile Pavel is posting photos from his vacation….

Pavel Drozd

What did we also missed? Betina Popova’s pictures from vacations

Betina Popova

and Sergei Mozgov’s new hairstyle……radical blonde

Sergei Mozgov

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4 Responses to “State of Russian ice dance drama [02.03.2018]”

  1. Gv says:

    I’m sorry but those photos of them hugging looked awkward as hell, at least on Nikita’s part. I get the feeling Elena was way more into this reunion than Nikita

    I think it’s obvious he was offered money and wasn’t turning it down.

    • FS Gossips says:

      “I think it’s obvious he was offered money and wasn’t turning it down.”
      Why should he? Since they’re not in the national team they don’t get much funding, so why not to earn some money?

  2. skating fan says:

    I totally agree about Elena and Nikita, they could demoralise rivals just by being together at Worlds. Their LP to the Swan Lake form 2014 is the only Swan Lake program which I can still rewatch after so many Swan Lake programs this seasons. That was beautiful routine with great choreography, lifts and they had undeniable chemistry on ice.

  3. Alex says:

    Yulia would be a great ice dancer, she really had switched to this after her problems with puberty.

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