Stanislava Konstantinova: It’s not easy to compete, knowing that they expect you to fail again

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Rumour has it, Stanislava Konstantinova changed a coach and joined Alexei Mishin group. But there wasn’t any announcement yet.

So here’s recent interview with Stanislava.

by Veronika Sovetova for dd. 13th January, 2020

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Stasya, after the Russian Nationals the first third of the season can be considered completed.

– The beginning of the season turned out quite cheerful. As a preparation for the season I performed at the festival in the United States, then test skates. Not without mistakes, but also not bad, and then … Then there was a crisis and I still try to get out of it.

What are the reasons?

– There was some reassessment. I worked-worked, coping with problems, knowing that I could, that you should never give up. At some point, I turned off these thoughts, and at that moment it struck me.

I began to doubt, to think what is wrong with me? Or maybe something is fundamentally wrong with me? It was such a painful moment. So painful that three weeks ago I didn’t manage to set my mind for competitions in Bratislava. In addition, my skates broke there.

It’s like everything is going wrong.

– That’s for sure, and it didn’t add good emotions at all. And then Grand Prix in America and a complete failure. And I worked a lot after that, tried to distract, did everything and became satisfied with myself, I saw the difference. And then Grand Prix in Moscow and a fall from lutz. Panic! And the more mistakes you make, the more you panic.

And then mistake in a free program.

– Small mistake, and it wasn’t that I got upset or tired of fighting. It just happens that an athlete holds back, and that’s it. And he just can’t do more.

Stasya, you try to complicate your programs all the time, but have you thought of focusing on the elements you already have?

– I think it’s worth fighting. But, probably, we need to separate everything, so that new things does not affect things I already can do. Plus self-confidence, because sometimes you can’t show even a quarter of what you capable of.

Since we are talking about numbers. Is your high double axel that you jump this season a good base for a triple one? Do I understand right that you continue to think about it?

– Of course! No matter how difficult it is. It is foolish to limit yourself to your own limits. I could’t get the axel back since summer – it got better and worse. The issue is in technique and weight.

Nevertheless, your skating has its own strong advantages.

– I understand that each has its own advantages. For example, after the test skates, I didn’t even think, but what next? I told myself: I can skate as long as I want. If something doesn’t work out now, I shouldn’t get so upset because it won’t do me any good. Well, there’s always a desire and hard work. There are many worthy examples around. People came back almost from nowhere, and how!

For example, Liza Tuktamysheva. I have immense respect and admiration for her, despite the fact that she is my competitor. Or Carolina Kostner, who to this day gives people joy.

I work so hard, squeezing everything. But now I think, maybe the result in this non-stop race won’t be so good, maybe it’s better to work with a clear head. Yes, I had a panic. But I love to skate. And further, even if I am left without Grand Prix, I can skates at some small competitions. I will do it because I like it.

In our time, at 19 years old many finish already.

– Many of us try not to read comments. It hurts when they write: “You need to finish”, “You take someone’s place”. When a person of any profession, doing his job day after day, does not cope with something, how can you tell him “Look for another job, you have nothing to do here.” Or when a person study at a university, studies for a long time, but they say to him – go look for another one. How is that possible?

I understood for myself – there are people who just like you, there are those who really care about you. I’m not looking for excuses for my unsuccessful performances – you are an athlete, you must do it even if they wake you up in the middle of the night. But I decided for myself – I will fight. I have time and strength.

In difficult situations, how important is communication with a coach for you?

– With Valentina Mikhailovna we try to minimize communication on the ice. She, as a coach, tells me what to do and I do. Or ask my opinion. Well, I like to talk, to philosophize, but in that case she says to me: “We will discuss it after training.” She’s demanding on the ice, but in life, if I need support, this is another communication.

What qualities do you lack?

– Probably reckless courage. Without “what if,” “what if suddenly.”

You do not make the impression of a timid girl.

– I am brave, but sometimes I allow myself to doubt myself. I am very self-critical and demanding.

Perhaps you need to slow down in this regard? Self-criticism is wonderful, but doubts about your strengths are not a good thing.

– Yes.. And I would also wish myself thick-skinned. Now many say: “you are not in shape,” “you gain weight”. I want to plug my ears, sit and cry.

But when I felt the support of the audience at the Grand Prix in Moscow, I felt that the buzz from the sport returns. And no matter how great the temptation to take a break is, in order to promise yourself “I will return as a new person,” it necessary to fight. In our sport it’s incredibly difficult to return after a pause. Shows, work, study, and you’re in a different life. The progress in our sport is unrealistic, so skate, solve problems, do what you should, get ready for the next competitions without a stupid pressure and show what you can. But it’s not easy to compete, knowing that they expect you to fail again.

Are other people’s expectations so important?

– Probably not now. I want to be the best version of myself, and I understand that this season will be a turning point for me. I am not going to take a pause and I do not want to, I want to keep myself in shape. So there are many plans for the next season.


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