Sota Yamamoto: “There will be many outstanding skaters at the Grand Prix, but I’m aiming for the podium this season too. I want to aim for the GP Final as well.”

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Sota Yamamoto about start of the 2023/24 season.

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In the men’s competition at Chubu Championships, Sota Yamamoto (Chukyo University) clinched victory with a total score of 273.14 points, securing first place in the free skate with 177.86 points.

He elegantly performed his new program, “Exogenesis: Symphony No. 3,” executing the opening quadsSalchow and following it up with a combination of quad-triple toe loops. He also successfully landed a solo quad toe loop. While he did have a fall on the triple axel, he managed to recover later in the program, minimizing the impact of the mistake.

After facing disappointing performances at the Gensan Summer Cup and the Autumn Classic, Yamamoto expressed, “I finally felt like I could deliver what I’ve been doing in practice. I learned from those two failed competitions how to bring out what I can do in practice.” He added, “Both the short program and free skate aren’t perfect yet, and there are still challenges ahead, but I can see some improvement.”

The Grand Prix series is set to begin in October. Last season, he achieved second place in two competitions and secured a spot in the Final. Yamamoto stated, “I think there will be many outstanding skaters, but I’m aiming for the podium this season too. I want to aim for the Final as well. Looking ahead to the Japanese Nationals and the World Championships, I want to continue improving from here.” He is now looking forward to his next competition, Skate Canada, with heightened determination.


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