Sota Yamamoto: “Even being injured I’ve never forgotten how much I love skating, and I think I have more passion for skating than anyone else.”

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Interview with Sota Yamamoto.

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source: dd. 5th January 2023

How did you spend end of the year and New Year holidays?

Sota Yamamoto: I practiced at Chukyo University until December 31st, and had only two days off. It’s been a long time (laughs)

Looking back on 2022…

Sota Yamamoto: I was very happy that I finally got results and was able to participate in the senior Grand Prix Final for the first time, and finished there with a wonderful result of 2nd place. I thought it would be one of the turning points.

Yamamoto moved to Nagoya, when he was junior. Nine years ago in 2014, at the Junior Grand Prix Final, he was a talented skater who competed with Shoma Uno for a first-second finish.

However, in his first senior year, he fell on a triple axel during practice and broke his right ankle. He had three surgeries and spent days in rehab.

How long was your rehabilitation without going on the ice?

Sota Yamamoto: Well, my skating life was mixed with some unpleasant feelings, but when I experienced that I couldn’t skate, I thought, “I really liked skating,” and from there, I approached competitions with a positive feeling. I’ve been able to work hard, and since my return, I’ve never forgotten how much I love skating, and I think I have more passion for skating than anyone else.

A year and a half after the fracture, in the 2017 comeback, I could barely do a single jump. After that, it’s been 6 years since I’ve been working hard.

On the day of the interview, Yamamoto showed us his shining silver medal from the 2022 GP Final.

How do you feel about winning a medal in the Final

Sota Yamamoto: It didn’t disappear, so I’m glad. I believed in myself and such a strong feeling led to the result.

Did you have any conversations with Shoma Uno at the venue?

Sota Yamamoto: Right after I finished my free program, when Shoma was about to perform, we passed each other for a moment. I was very happy when he called me, so I hope I can experience more and more things like that with Shoma-kun.

About your aspirations

Sota Yamamoto: In 2022, I was practicing the quadruple flip and quadruple lutz, but first I was aiming for a stable performance of quadruple salchow and quadruple toe loop. I was able to complete it in the Final, so my goal for 2023 is to add another quads to the program and improve my level throughout the season.

Is it close to mastering another qudruple?

Sota Yamamoto: I tried it for the first time in a long time, and unfortunately I couldn’t land it, but it didn’t feel bad for the first time in a while. However, I would like to take some time off to practice and prepare for next season.

Please tell us about your enthusiasm for the new year again.

Sota Yamamoto: I think 2022 was a season in which I was able to grow, so I will continue to gain momentum from here and aim for even higher. I would like to improve my level so that I can continue to compete.


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