Some Japanese skaters showed their new programs

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It’s a middle of offseason but some skaters have already showed their new programs. Some Japanese skaters showed their new short programs at shows. I think it’s really good decision to try the program on public this early. You can receive some useful feedback, make some changes and of course the earlier you start to do a full skates of the program the more ready and confident it will be at the first competitions, such as Grand-prix.

Rika Hongo “Carmina Burana” choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne

Strong and powerful music definately suits Rika more. It can be a good program for her, but I wished they’ve worked on her posture and lines… least a little bit. The program looks pretty the same with her last season’s….and I doubt that it’s a compliment. And please, please. please get a better dress.

Takahito Mura “Farruca”

This program looks really promising! I like the choice of music and the music cuts. I think such program can help Takahito a lot and will be very well received by an audience! I like that there is no red&black color combination in a a costume, and I do understand that the shirt has some authentic details, but I think it’ll be better if he removes either ruffles or fringe.



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