Sofia Samodurova: Turned out everything I wanted and even more

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Interview with Sofia Samodurova.

partly translation of the original interview by Rustam Imamov for

Sofia, do you remember your first meeting with Alexei Mishin?

– I was like ten years old. I started to skate at five and a half years old, but it started to get serious about a year or two later. My first coach was Maria Nikolaeva. Then I went not to Alexei Nikolaevich, but to Oleg Tataurov. Then Tatyana Mishina and Alexei Nikolaevich started to work with me. I remember that I wanted to get into the group so much that I was very worried and even a little afraid.

Did the group give you a warm welcome?

– Yes, very warm. We’re a real team, where everyone supports each other. That’s why I like our group.

How long did it take to build a relationship with Mishin?

– It was easier since I have often seen him at the rink before. We quickly found a common language, there were no problems. Mishin is like a father to me, he helps me in everything, in any life situation. He can help with study or with the documents. These are not just words. I really respect and love him.

Can he scold?

– This happen very rarely. He can scold for mistakes. But I can’t remember him shouting. Both at trainings and at competitions everything goes calmly.

Mishin pays a lot of attention to science. Does he explain the physics of the jump from a scientific point of view?

– Physics is an important part of figure skating, so the study of technique is important. But he tries to explain, not like a professor of sciences, but in an understandable way. I read his books, and they are also written in an accessible style.

What do you talk about besides figure skating?

– You can talk about anything with him. How was your day, what’s new on TV. Sometimes we talk about his grandson. About life.

Figure skating has become much more popular lately, especially ladies single skating. Does attention hinder or help?

– Honestly, I don’t notice the changes. I think, figure skating has been always very popular in Russia.

Speaking specifically about you, your popularity has soared, in recent two months. Has it changed your life?

– No. I’m still the same Sonya Samodurova as I were a year ago. Of course, I feel popularity. After competitions I get a lot of greetings, wishes. More positive ones, which is good. I feel support. Popularity is good, but I try to remain the same person.

How much time do you spend on social networks?

– A couple of minutes. Posted a photo, added a comment – the first thing that came to mind. I’m not one of those who think for an hour or two what to write, what filter to choose. I don’t care. I write what I consider necessary. I try to answer fans. Not to everyone, but those whom I notice, who wrote something interesting, catchy. I don’t have time to reply to everyone.

What is the most unusual thing fans have written to you?

– Hard to remember. Wishes of good luck, health, success. A lot of gifts. Recently, I was given an instant print camera. I really liked it, I have already made a lot of photos.

What do your parents do?

– They work in the construction business. Nothing related with sport.

Do they watch competitions?

– Dad watches live. Mom can’t – worries too much. She sits in my room and worries. Only then she looks at the results and watches videos.

Looking at your social networks you like rap. How did you become interested?

– I started listening rap when I got to Mishin’s group. Probably, because of Liza Tuktamysheva. We communicate a lot with her. We have common interests – shopping, American TV shows. We watch together, then discuss.

Maybe you could do an exhibition program to rap?

– Great idea, why not. But I need to discuss it with Alexei Nikolaevich. I don’t know how he will react. I don’t make such decisions without him. He often hears rap in training. Lisa and I turn it on sometimes to set the mood. He doesn’t even pay attention, he concentrated on work and probably have already got used.

What are you reading?

– I like detectives. The last one I read “You sent me a letter” by Lucy Dawson. This is a modern detective, a series of books, very interesting. I also love Agatha Christie.

Did you immediately became friends with Tuktamysheva?

– Of course not. To be honest, at first I was even afraid to talk to her. We started to communicate well about three years ago. We skated at different time. We became friends when we started skating together. We chatted a couple of times, found common topics and slowly began to be friends.

Who else can you call your friends?

– In the women’s team, except for Liza, my best friend is Alena Kostornaia. We can talk with her for hours. When we are together it’s like a hurricane.

Are you satisfied with the results of Russian Nationals?

– There were mixed emotions after the free program. I didn’t do the combination, but still got into the top-six. Not a bad result. I think there were more positive emotions. But when they announced the team to Europeans I was happy.

If to talk about the results of the first half of the season in general, what did turn out and what did not?

– Turned out everything I wanted and even more. I didn’t expect such a high result. But this is only the first half of the season. I can’t relax, need to keep in shape. I really like figure skating, the process itself. So far, it’s only my first senior season so any competition is an experience for me. Getting to the European Championship is already serious. I will try to perform well at the main competitions and show decent, clean skating.

I don’t think about medals. The task is to skate clean. I don’t think about the result.

Was you very nervous before the Russian Nationals?

– I was very nervous before the free programs. Before the short program I was calm.

What has changed in one day?

– I started to feel responsibility. I realized that I have a chance to get into the team. Before the Russian Nationals, I didn’t even think that I could qualify for European Championships. There was only one goal to skate clean. I skated the short program well, saw the results and then was a little afraid, worried. Maybe that’s why I didn’t do everything. In general, I’m emotional, I think a lot about competitions.

How do you prepare for performance at competitions?

– On the day of the performance, I wake up early, have a light breakfast, rest a little. Then I do my hair, make-up and go to practice. There I skate the program one more time, warm the muscles. Then I come back to the hotel, sometimes I have dinner, but not always. I also like to have a nap. Then I do my hair and make-up again and go to the rink.

Do you have triple axel in plans?

– I didn’t jump it in competitions. I tried in training, on the floor, on the ice. But it did not work. Now we will work more on it, because it’s necessary to complicate the program.

What is important for a good jump?

– Rotation, bending, physical shape. Technique is important, but it is also necessary to monitor your physical condition. Above all to watch your nutrition, weight.


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