Sofia Samodurova: I had mixed emotions – I cried for Zhenya but was happy for myself

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Sofai samodurova

Interview with Sofia Samodurova about making to the Grand-prix Final in her debut season.

– I felt sorry for Zhenya. She didn’t perform very well, and it is psychologically difficult after such an Olympic season. After this Grand-prix I had mixed emotions – I cried for Zhenya (Medvedeva) but was happy for myself. Did I want to support her? I think that it wasn’t right to write her anything in this situation. After all, it can be said that I took away her chance for the Finals …

About first senior season

– We hadn’t even talk about getting on the podium, I was hoping only for clean skates, but it’s cool that I broke into senior figure skating like that. To some extent, these results were surprises, especially in America – it’s cool to beat someone like the US champion Bradie Tennell! By the way, after that Grand-prix Aleksei Nikolayevich (Mishin) didn’t even say anything, just smiled and everything was clear. But to skate clean is the only goal I set for the Finals and in general for the season. I don’t think about places and don’t like to presume. If everything is done 100%, then the judges will give high scores.

About social networks and fans

– I don’t have Twitter. I think this is a boring social network. But I actively use Instagram. I read everything they write to me in private messages, and I answer everyone. I’m not such a star yet to not read it. (laughs) Instagram doesn’t distract me, so I’m not going to delegate it to any company.

While I received only positive comments, wishes of good luck. Recently, I even met with a fan from Moscow. She wrote to me before Grand Prix, offered to meet, of course, I agreed. She gave me an instant camera and perfumes.

About upcoming Grand-prix Final

Actually we haven’t got tickets yet. But, probably, December 4th we will be there, because official practices starts December 5th. Acclimatization? In the US, I had no problems with this, seems it doesn’t really affect me. By they way, do you know that all the tickets for the event are sold?

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One response to “Sofia Samodurova: I had mixed emotions – I cried for Zhenya but was happy for myself”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Her statement about Instagram is correct – I received a message from her. <3 I was sad for Evgenia also but overjoyed for Sofia! Good luck to her in the Finals!

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