Sofia Akateva about setting the record: “Eteri Tutberidze taught me all this”

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Sofia Akateva about her historical performance at the Jumior Grand Prix stage in Gdansk.



The winner of the Russian Junior Championships Sofia Akateva became the main sensation at the Junior Grand Prix in Gdansk. The skater of Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov and Daniil Gleikhengauz won a convincing victory, once again becoming the record holder. For the first time in the history of women’s figure skating, Sofia Akateva performed the 3 axel and three quadruple jumps in the free program – two toe loops and salchows.

Sofia Akateva: Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze taught me all this. I just remembered what she told me and tried to do it.

Could you please compare the competitions in Krasnoyarsk and Gdansk? This time you dealt with more complex jump content, what was the difference?

Sofia Akateva: In Poland it turned out to skate cleaner, because with the coaches we worked on the mistakes made in Krasnoyarsk. It also helped me that it was the second grand prix for me, I was less nervous.

You are again the record holder, the first figure skater to jump the 3 axel and three quadruples in the same program. What does this achievement mean to you?

Sofia Akateva: I don’t think about records at all. I just love what I do. I love to jump difficult jumps. I am pleased that I managed to do something that I hadn’t done yet at competitions.

How many quads would you like to master?

Sofia Akateva: Of course, I want to learn all quads. The next, hopefully, will be a quad flip. We’re working on flip now. Upon arrival from Gdansk, I plan to start training it.

Each competition is a new experience. What did the Grand Prix teach you – the first international competitions in your career?

Sofia Akateva: Participation in international competitions brought me the experience of performing with different rivals, representatives of different countries. To compete in international competitions is a great motivation for me to develop further, to move forward in presentation, skating, and other components of the program. I also learn to cope with emotions, to analyze the mistakes made earlier, so as not to repeat them again.

Often, athletes are given gifts for successful performances. What present would you like to receive?

Sofia Akateva: For me, the achievement itself is already a present. I am very glad that the work done by our team has brought results.


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2 Responses to “Sofia Akateva about setting the record: “Eteri Tutberidze taught me all this””

  1. John says:

    She is the next superstar and what a star she is. Incredibly gifted. Tremendous work ethic. Humble. Hard to believe someone is that brilliant especially at her age.
    She may become the greatest of all time. Unreal.

  2. John says:

    Sofia is the next great one. She is amazing. Amazing. Talented, determined, mature, articulate, thoughtful and did I mention amazing and incredible? Holy cow. Russia, be proud. What a special group of figure skaters your family’s have developed. They are the best in the world, year after year, and they are humble and gracious about their achievements.
    They could become prominent world leaders some day. They earn the appreciation and the respect of all who are the privileged to be able to watch them.

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