Sinitsina Katsalapov: in Boston we should look even more powerful

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Recent interview with Victoria Sinitsina Nikita Katsalapov for But it’s almost Nikita’s benefit performance ))) Here’s the translation of some parts.

This European Championships turned out unpredictably tedious?

Nikita: The process itself is very long – we’ve been there for a whole week. During the competition you don’t think about fatigue or stress but when it ends, you strive to relax. The residual phenomenon.

At the very beginning Marina Zueva declared an intention to create a Russian duo that would be a reflection of Russia in America. Do you feel as such a duo?

Nikita: You know, we just listen to Marina with trust, do what depends on us. This way we are going.

But does such style appear?

Nikita: We have a waltz in the short program, beautiful, Russian, as you said: Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake”. Generally, we’ve been skating together for two years and we can said that the style of our duo has appeared. But there is still so much work, and in the processes that style will expand and become more diverse.

In what did you catched your trend? 

Nikita: I read an interview with Marina, where she said that the speed is not as high as at trainings. And a style should be shown in a fully modern rhythm. On the other hand, we are different in our two programs,  after the Russian waltz we go out on the ice with Bocelli. Russian is changed by Italian. Moreover, both programs us to face, and we are very pleased with them in terms of  ideas and style.

Programs are different but there is a common thread stateliness, affectionate feelings, love without strain.

Nikita: I agree.

Victoria: Who knows what will be next year

sinitsina katsalapov


After Europeans Mirina told about lack of power in the dance accents. this power is conveid by physics, dramatic play or technique?

Nikita: In fact, all the components you listed are important. But it’s absolutely nothing to do in ice dance without function conditions, you will convey nothing, no drama. It is important not to lose this power to pressure. The power in the dance it’s freedom. It’s not when you’re concentrating on how to skate the entire program, but when you just live in program. Perhaps this is power. And freedom – it’s hours of work on the ice.

How do you do the physical training?

Nikita: Hours at the rink. We work a lot both at the gym and on the ice. Sometimes, just in order to give the physical load we skate pieces from the programs, or run on endurance. In breaks between competitions this, of course, doesn’t happen.

Zueva said that before the European Championships you have complicated transitions, made the dancing positions closer. Was it difficult to adjust?

Nikita: There were moments that I didn’t want to change, but it had to be done, and in a couple of weeks before the Europeans in Bratislava. According to scores, it was a right move. I watched the record of our free dance, we’re really began to look better. We also will make some changes before the Worlds so, in Boston we should look even more powerful.

Do you have a practical understanding how to achieve the level of your competitors?

Nikita: Yes. We just need to finish the work on what we haven’t been doing yet. But it’s important to understand that everyone has their own path, and what is necessary to someone, may not be necessary for us. (Gabriella) Papadakis / (Guillaume) Cizeron have been skating together for a long time, they are amazing, talented, beautiful, high-speed, technical pair. The guys don’t cause any other emotions except admiration. We have our own way, we don’t try to copy someone else’s style. We listen to our coaches.

Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON

The French returned after Gabriella’s injury, skated at French Nationals and then won the European Championships. Why they don’t need any adjustment?

Nikita: If they had came to Bratislava unprepared, It would have been uninteresting and strange. Guys have great coaches, they are excellent athletes, so we wouldn’t have seen them just like that. It was evident that they improved with each trainings and skated like champions.

Many say that their programs are not as killing as last year. Nevertheless, they win.

Nikita: Last year they hit the nail on the head with the music and programs. I saw their performance at the French Nationals, in Slovakia only spotted a bit at trainings. It was very beautiful.

Victoria: and powerful.

And what about Katya Bobrova Dima Soloviev, which are higher than the rest of the Russians at all tournaments?

Nikita: I first saw their “Anna Karenina” at test skates in Sochi. Then the program looked weaker than now. Today we see polished performances from competition to competition. I really like their free dance. The short dance I like less because of the slightly strange, in my opinion, combination of music.  But they know how to skate well to any music track. And their success is logical. Guys are experienced, strong and present everything tastefully.

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Part Two about the style. Os course to copy it’s undignified. But anyway you take something for yourselves?

Victoria: Everything good. We look at other people, I would say that we look absolutely at everyone. From any pair you can learn something.

Nikita: But look at the big picture and, sometimes,  you remember the meaning of the movement, rather than steps and transitions. Here is interesting and needed to create something yours.

Victoria: We won’t take someone else’s transition, it’s not good.

Nikita: The same with step sequence. Took it and insert into your program – it’s ridiculous and for lazy ones. But to rework the lift from the past – it’s how almost everyone do. Spotted, tried in summer, learnt, diversified, and you already has you own lift.

Is the wokr in America changing you?

Nikita: The whole day is plande, packed to capacity, always something to do. Training, training – various and a minimum of breaksOnly have time to take off the skates, breath, eat, and go back on the ice. In general, America it’s a different school. Our conditions it’s literally an Academy. Every day not just work out and repeat but learn something. Not only physically train but lern from Marina Olegovna many things, about life as well.

Victoria: Here we become truly independent, live separately.

You live with American family?

Victoria: I share a house with a woman – a mother of a young coach, who works on our rink in Canton. But I myself. In the kitchen at least, adapted without problems.

What do you cook?

Victoria: Nothing supernatural, just to eat quickly and relax.  During the training process accumulates colossal fatigue, so I just don’t have time for cooking soups. Fish, meat, salad, vegetables, fruit – just operatively.

Nikita: I live next to the skating rink, near Vika, in my little cave. Small apartments with bedroom and a hallway. We used to such life, and we don’t have time to miss home. I only miss mother’s cooking. She watches many cooking shows, constantly coming up with something new. Mom, I’m really miss all this!


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