Shoma Uno’s new programs for season 2016-2017

Posted on 2016-08-16 • 4 comments


We’ve already seen Shoma Uno’s free program and recently he showed his new short program. So, I decided to make one short review on both his programs.

Short program: Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra

Nice and lovely program, it suits Shoma’s soft skating. But in comparison with his last year’s SP it looks a bit ordinary….And I still remember Tatsuki Matida’s sp on this music….his program was breathtaking. Maybe, Shoma’s program will be also magnificent at competitions. Anyway, lyrical programs suit him a lot.

Free program: Buenos Aires Hora Cero + Balada para un loco

Not an easy program and it requires a lot of work, but I think all this efforts will be rewarded. I like the first part more. Choreography is done more sophisticatedly in accordance with the music. But as for me, his moves lacks some sharpness….I think he’s too soft for tango. Turn off the music and you won’t gues that it’s tango. Ok, maybe red shirt will give you a hint. The second part is more in his style, but the music is weird….I mean he looks weird skating to this husky female voice with a sinister laugh at the end…..But I always ready to take my words back, it’s still off-season and he skated this program at the small ice with show’s spotlights, so maybe at the competitions the program will cause a different impression.

And I like the simplicity of the costumes. So, please don’t change it to something over decorated and with plunging neckline)


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4 Responses to “Shoma Uno’s new programs for season 2016-2017”

  1. Dishonoronyourcow says:

    He just isn’t my cup of tea.

  2. Nancy says:

    I am from Belgium and there is not much figure skating on tv (here it’s all football and sycling). Since several years i try to follow this magnificient and difficult sport and i must say Shoma Uno is a great talent and i hope we will hear a lot of him.
    His moves where perfect, of high standard and the music choice was fantastic. Also great expression on the unuasal music for somebody of 19 years old. Good luck and keep going.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I had a great pleasure of watching him skating at Rostelecom Cup. He’s a great performer and a great competitor.
      Oh and I’m definitely in Jorik Hendrickx fan club) because I deeply respect people who manages to get the maximum of their abilities.

  3. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Shoma in person is such a cutie. I loved his free program last year so much. This year’s programs look nice also, and it will be nice to see how they progress.
    I also learned he looks a lot bigger in the videos than he is in person. He is so tiny!

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