Shoma Uno: “I hadn’t yet found a program that I truly loved, despite skating many programs in the past that I enjoyed.”

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Shoma Uno about injury he got at Worlds, retirement of Daisuke Takahashi and programs.

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After the show, Uno responded to an interview regarding his right ankle injury that he sustained during the World Championships in March. He explained, “I rarely experience pain or anything like that, but when I took an X-ray of my foot, the shape of the bone itself had changed. It may sound a bit exaggerated just by listening to my words, but it’s really just a small issue. Sometimes it hurts after being on the ice for about an hour, so I’m not sure how I’ll manage it going forward.”

In addition, Daisuke Takahashi, who announced his second retirement from active competition, is someone who Uno has always admired. Uno said, “He is the skater that I have the most respect for as a performer, and that will never change.” Regarding the “KanaDai” pair, Uno said, “I thought their performance was really wonderful. Both of them started with singles and then switched to ice dance, which is really difficult. I know this because I’m also skating, so it’s really amazing. I’m filled with excitement about what they will do in the future.”

About programs

When asked about his determination for the upcoming season, Uno wrote the character “new” on a piece of paper and said, “It will be a year of many changes. There are many things I don’t know about how I will become new. I hope everyone, including myself, can enjoy the changes.”

After the World Championships in March, Uno set his next goal as a skater to become someone who can express himself through music. He said, “I have always put expression second to jumps. I want to work on expression a little more (laughs). I have been doing performances that are just connecting jumps. There are also many ice shows, so I hope I can find various expressions within myself.”

When asked again about his “favorite program,” which was also a question in the quiz, Uno replied that he had not yet found a program that he truly loved, despite skating many programs in the past that he enjoyed. He explained that it was not that the programs themselves were bad, but that he had not yet been able to meet his own standards for what he wanted in a program. He stated that he hoped his new program, “Come Together,” which he debuted at the Prince Ice World Yokohama show on May 3-5, would become a program that he truly loves.


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