Sergei Voronov moved to CSKA

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Now it’s official – Sergei Voronov stopped working with Eteri Tutberidze and moved to CSKA to train with Inna Goncharenko (Elena Radionova’s coach).

So, Sergei become third figure skater, who left Tutberidze this year. Lipnitskaya, Pitkeev….and now Voronov. I do understand Julia’s reasons for such decision, I mostly understand why Adian did it too…..but I’ve never thought that Sergei will do the same. Tutberidze gave him almost a second wind, he won his first European medal with her…..

But Sergei’s comment for the press amazed me the most:

I really went to a group of Inna Germanovna (Goncharenko), It’s been two days as I train there. It was my initiative to change coach. I dont want to comment on the reasons for this decision yet. The transfer is made and I’m very happy. Thank Inna Germanovna that she agreed to work with me. – Voronov said.

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and that’s all…….

I’m really surprised that Sergei, who’s known as a very polite and thankful person, didn’t found any kind words to thank Eteri Tutberidze for their collaboration……What’s going on in her group? Is it real that she spend all her attention only to Evgenia Medvedeva and Polina Tsurskaya?

We also have a comment from Tarasova about Pitkev and Voronov’s coach changes:

There are things that coaches and skaters, of course, know better. Humanly deep I don’t know either one or the other coach, everyone has advantages. But in my experience, I realized that the profession and love for the athlete for me stand at the highest place. 

Therefore, if one thing is lost, the second did not work. If you love you can’t leave. That is why, in my opinion, everyone involved need to think: why? Love it an energy much greater than nuclear. God spared me, athletes have never left me. – Tarasova said.

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Something was wrong and that was obvious, Sergei even started to think that it’s time to finish his career. Maybe, this push from a coach change will help him, at least to to prepare well for the Team Challenge Cup and to finish this tough season on the high note.


I also hope that Sergei Voronov recovered from his injury.


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