Sergei Voronov: I think that in my 30s, not in very young age I improved significantly

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Short interview with Sergei Voronov after Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2018.

Sergey, what did the competition in Bratislava mean to you?

– I сonsider this competition as preparation for the main competitions of the season. I am pleased with the performance in Bratislava, despite the fact that not everything went smoothly, in general it was hard after the test skates and competitiom in Syzran. Nevertheless, I am glad that I performed in Bratislava again, again on the pedestal, took 2nd place and won a silver medal. There were a very decent competitors. After the competition my team and I analyzed the performance and start further preparation.

How do you assess the beginning of the season, the past starts – test skates, the stage of Russian Cup and this international tournament?

– This is not the first time I start the season like that, when one competitions go after another. I often watch tennis and see how tennis players compete every week and add from start to start. Of course, this does not work for everyone. Everyone develops his own individual schedule. Someone needs to do less competitions, someone more. I found my own way and I am glad that at the beginning of the season I had an opportunity to skate a short program in Novogorsk. Then to show the free program in “Megasport” in front of a huge audience. Then go to Syzran and try myself there. Of course not everything turned out and was successful. But this is experience. It’s overcoming yourself. It was interesting. In Bratislava, first of all I proved to myself that I am competitive in the international arena. I learned a new jump. While it is not completely clean. But I strive to this. I think that in my 30s, not in very young age I improved significantly.

Will you take risk? How important is it for you to do this jump – the quad loop?

– At all three competitions I tried quad loop, tried to make it clean and was close to it. Yes, I’m taking a risk. For me, risk is a noble cause. All summer I worked hard on this jump. There were times when nothing turned out, but thanks to faith in myself, thanks to my vast experience I know that this quad will work out.

What will be the next steps?

– This is the preparation for the next competition. How will it go? It’s not quite correct to telling this in details. Our team has its own strategy. After all, the war is won not by one battle, there must be a definite strategy. Person who has been in sports for a long time understands this. And it’s good that there are those who do not understand this. Probably, it is more interesting when there are people who analyze and there are those who do not. But it’s good that there’re many of us and we are so different.

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