Sergei Voronov: I did what I can

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I think Sergei Voronov had the best performance at Skate America, among all Russian athletes. I’m happy for Sergei, he improved and made a clean skate when almost no one actually believed in him.

Sergei commented on his performance:

– Skate America has never been an easy competition, but I won’t go into details. Seriously, there was a strong line-up, and all the guys skated with dignity. No one collapsed completely. Today I did what I can, showed good elements. This is the result of work and that I endure a lot. Not everything turns out at trainings, difficulties happen. And people often  remind me about my age. But what to say about it! a little step ahead is made. See you in Beijing …

Of course, I’m happy with my today’s performance. How can I be unhappy? I got a lot as for me. Yes, I’m fourth. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the place in the top three. But I knew that there will be hard. And in the short program I made a serious mistake. Without it I’d be closer. It is what it is. But I managed to place ahead the bronze medalist of the World Championship, who has how many quads? And I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I beat Bojan. Yes, of course he didn’t have a good skate. I do not argue. But it is a fact …

I skated my free pgoram with emotions. I really like this music. I specifically watched Ashley Wagner’s performance, who also skates to «Muse». This is the level. It’s how a girl should skate. With emotions, feeling the music. I thought that she’s skating with such an emotions! And I began to wonder how I’ll feel in my program? This music, as I said, breaks you down into molecules. It helps a lot…

After Bratislava, we worked normally. I’m an experienced athlete and I have a certain system of training. Yes, with Inna Germanovna (Goncharenko) we try to level something, change something, but on the whole everything stays as it is. If it works, then why not. We had to put a good program, sew good costumes. I really like my costumes, especially in the short program.

What’s next? Work. Love yourself. Actually, it’s very important. Thanks to everyone – my family, friends and all the people who believe in me.


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2 Responses to “Sergei Voronov: I did what I can”

  1. Olga says:

    I believed in Sergei and I”ll always will. I’m happy for him, his skate in Chicago made my day. Good luck!

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