Savchenko / Massot new short program [video]

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Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot showed their new short program to “That man”, Caro Emerald at All that skate 2016 in Korea.

video from youtube chanel:lEtudel

Of course, it’s early June and the program is new and they hadn’t much time for polishing and we for sure won’t see some stuff at competitions, but I like it. It’s fun and dancing and differs from what they did last season. And it’s actually more difficult program than last year – more choreo, more transitions. Now we know that they will do side by side salchow and that Aliona isn’t going to give up on 3axel throw. Brave girl and we love her for this.

I also like how Aliona looks. Tender dress (it somehow reminds me of Marilyn Monroe’s white dress), nice hairdo. It looks good in spotlights but maybe she’ll have to think of brighter shade for competition. And please, please, please think of a more elegant costume for Bruno! He’s a handsome guy and deserves to look fantastic! In this white t-shirt he looks too simple….especially next to a well-dressed lady.


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