Satoko Miyahara: “I remember that the sensation of taking the first step on the ice was good. But first time skating in my own boots, not rented ones, was even more exciting.”

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Translation of Satoko Miyahara’s comments about her childhood memories of skating and most satisfying competition in her career.

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Here’s a translation of Satoko Miyahara comments posted in an interview or Web Sportiva.

“I remember that the sensation of taking the first step on the ice was good within me. But more exciting than the first time I skated was when I wore my own skates, not rented ones. It’s hard to express in words, but it felt like a small jump, a bouncy feeling. I think I was wearing a light blue costume and the thrill of ‘I am skating!’ was incredibly enjoyable,” Miyahara recalled her first steps in skating.

“My first skating boots were white; please buy me some (laughs). I don’t remember it well, but it seems I wanted them right after skating once. It was like, ‘I’ll start skating classes, so I want them!’ after just a few months of getting on the ice. So, in my case, I think I was happy to get the skates. At first, I was simply happy to skate this much. I wanted to show that ‘I can do it.’ I never went and said, ‘Look, I can do this!’ but deep inside, I thought, ‘I wish someone would see, and I would be happy if they did’ (laughs).”

This year Miyahara serves as an ambassador for NHK Trophy. When asked about her most satisfying competition throughout her career, she gave an unexpected response.

“It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I would say it’s the NHK Trophy in the season following the PyeongChang Olympics. I finished in second place. I didn’t want to perform too relaxed because it was after the Olympics. It was a challenging season, but I felt a sense of victory in having trained well and securing a solid medal there.”


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