Sarah Meier got married

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Last Friday, August 3d Swiss figure skater Sarah Meier and her boyfriend Jav van Berkel (triathlon) got married!

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I haven’t thought that it would be so emotional because we had only a civil wedding, but we were really touched. Only our parents, brothers, sisters and Jan’s grandma were there. – said Sarah

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I’m very happy. First of all it’s a pleasure to celebrate together with our close ones and see how they’re happy for us.

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At the evening they had a party for 100 guests near the house where the couple have been living together for three years.

It should be just a nice meeting. Young athletes from figure skating and triahtlon will help us with our guests.

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They newlyweds don’t want presents:

Instead of presents our guests can support young athletes with some funding. – Sarah said.


Congratulation to the newlyweds! May their life be full of love and happiness!


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