Russian test skates 2017: ladies [+video]

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I’m sure almost all of you have already watched everything, so I’ll collect here all videos of ladies’ programs, translation of their interviews and share some of my impressions.

Evgenia Medvedeva SP

video by Lex Colivan

That’s how Evgenia described her short program:

My short program is a flight of the soul and I want to show its purity. From the very beginning of this program, I stand with my eyes closed and people hear the beating of my heart, then I seem to come out of my body, take a step and see myself from the outside, fear in my eyes and misunderstanding of what is happening. No matter how cruelly it may sound, this is the step of a person’s soul from the body during the state of clinical death.  Let it sound cruel, but I say this so people could understand the image that I want to show.

In this program, I seem to re-learn this world and the other world, which is also luminous and there is no fear in it. At the very end of the performance, I return to my body and my breath is heard. This is my own breath, we specially recorded it for this composition.

Oh, I wish I haven’t read that….Why? Why it couldn’t be just a beautiful program to a beautiful Chopin’s music?!

video by Бруръя Обершмуклер

My free program is about the most powerful and inexhaustible feeling of humanity, about faith. At the very beginning, I’m standing like on the line of life, I’m starting to take the first step, but I’m going back. This symbolizes the fear of the unknown, which almost all people have. The idea is that thanks to faith, a person is capable of anything. Faith gives strength to go forward. And I do not mean only belief in God, because everyone believes in something of their own. It can be, for example, just faith in the best.

Alina Zagitova SP

Alina keeps her FS “Don Quichotte”, so I guess there’s no need to post it.

I won’t talk about Olympics. Also I won’t talk about my task for the season, it’s a secret. Of course, Olympics are the most important competition for every athlete. I am preparing with joy, with love, nothing will turn our in sport without love.

I think nothing will change for me in the first season in seniors, I’ll just compete with more experienced athletes. I’m preparing the same way as for all competitions. I have no problems with the longer free program. – Alina said.

Don’t you have a feeling that Zagitova’s programs are more……more victorious? The music is really helping.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva SP

video by Бруръя Обершмуклер


video by Бруръя Обершмуклер

and here’s comment from Tarasova:

I really liked Liza Tuktamysheva. I liked her, because this is a very difficult work: Alexei Nikolaevich (Mishin) restored her. She reminded me of Liza that I knew. With perfect jumps. It seems to me that Liza felt a taste for skating, not just for jumping. She looked good. I haven’t seen her like this for a long time. She looks better than last year.

I’m glad that she starts the season like this. It’s very pleasant to look at this. This inspires confidence that she will be competitive. – Tatiana Tarasova said.

Well, Liza’s programs may look a bit empty and all the same Liza’s style, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see her in such a good shape! Liza, get that triple axel back and fight for the spot to Olympics!

Maria Sotskova SP

video by Бруръя Обершмуклер


video by Бруръя Обершмуклер

The short program is about a girl at a ball, the free program – it’s air, it’s nature, it’s all classic. We didn’t take risks with experiments, we need to focus on the quality of programs this season.  I allowed myself to experiment only in exhibition program. “Kalinka” is completely uncharacteristic to me, but the audience liked it very much.

I understand that I have a chance to get to the Games,  like all others. I just need to work hard and do not allow myself to make mistakes. Consistency is a sign of skills, and I think that they will bet on consistency of skating in selection for the Games. – Maris said.

I liked the free program more. I think it has a potential and with clean skate can be a really beautiful program. It really suits Masha’s long, gorgeous lines. The short program….I think it has no strong choreo and the concept is quite unclear.

Elena Radionova also kept her SP from last season, so here’s a FP:

video by Бруръя Обершмуклер

At these test skates, Elena Germanovna (Buyanova) and I tried to understand how to help each other. We’re still getting used to each other at competitions. At trainings, everything is fine, but it’s still difficult to adjust at competitions. It’s a good that we performed here, soon we will go to competitions in Bratislava. We need a  bit more time. – Elena said.

I like Lena, but honestly that was my least favorite program among girls. I barely watched it till the end. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s music, and lack of fire in Elena’s skating. Maybe I just should wait for a better video to decide.


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Yes, that is my thought.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    I’m not really a fan of carrying over a program from the previous season but I do love Alina’s Free Skate!
    I was pleasantly surprised by Liza’s performances. Loved them. Go Liza!
    With a little polish, Maria’s programs will look great but i don’t know if they will be enough to get her an Olympic spot.
    Elena looks much better than when I saw her last.

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