Russian test skates 2016: ladies short program [video]

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Russian test skates in Sochi, video of ladies short program:

Evgenia Medvedeva ‘River flows in you’

I’m amazed with Evgenia’s shape, all jumps in the second half of the program! Ambitions decision, like ‘puberty will wait’) But I’m quite disappointed with her program……Yes, lets be honest we all love Twilight, but during all program I had a feeling that I’ve already seen it all so many times…..Not just in Evgenia’s last season’s program. Actually in all programs choreographed by Averbukh for ladies……I really wish she have tried another choreographer, at least for one of the programs.

Anna Pogorilaya “Por una cabeza”

Thank Godness! Eventually Anna wears chic and elegant dress that highlights her beauty! So, I’m ready to forgive Anna everything, even such an overused music) Actually this program suits her a lot. I also see some improvements in the second mark. Nice work!

Julia Lipnitskaya

Such a feminine and delicate program! I’m surprised to see such Julia. And triple lutz- triple toe loop seems to be back! That’s a good sign! I’ll keep my finger crossed for Julia this season!

Adelina Sotnikova

Honestly, it’s my favorite short program among Russian ladies this season. It’s unusual, powerful and memorable. A woman who plays a male part – interesting combination of feminine and brutality. I completely agree with Vaitsekhovskaya that this’s a program for the come back. Too bad we won’t see Adelina at Grand prix(

Maria Sotskova

Maria is such a beauty! Such height, such long lines are rarity in figure skating! And I like that program highlight it. Lovely music, lovely choreography, nice choice for a young girl, but she still lacks some power and speed in her skating.

Elena Radionova

This program reminds me of Gracie Gold’s Gershvin program. And I quite liked that program, because it was something new and pretty original. That’s why I think that Elena’s program has a potential, but it doesn’t allow any rushing…at all. But Elena’s shape looks very anxious…….

Serafima Sakhanovich

The main thing that Serafima is fighting. And I really hope that world will see this young lady competing in seniors. Because I like her soft skating skills and work of her arms so much! So, Serafima, please put off those white gloves! They hide your magnificent arms!

Alena Leonova Bjork ‘Aren’t it so quiet’

I like Aliona and I respect that she has her style, but I don’t like her short program. Aliona, your age is your advantage! Because you can show real mature feminine skating but instead you play a little girl all over again(

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Oh Liza, I’m ready to forgive you any program you wanna skate If your jumps will be there….But where are your jumps?(

video by anemon101 youtube chanel


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One response to “Russian test skates 2016: ladies short program [video]”

  1. Stolbova Obsessed says:

    Adelina looks awesome!

    You’re right about the Averbukh choreography for Evgenia. It could’ve been Yulia’s SP from 2013-14 with an audio swap.

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