Russian Nationals 2017: ice dancers commented on their SD

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Since ice dance is Russian everything now we have to keep it up with the trend) That’s why here are comments of main participants of this performance)

Tiffany Zahorski and Jonathan Guerreiro

Preparation for the Russian Nationals was hard, before the tournament, as usual, someone got ill, usually it’s me. In general, I had time to get well and prepare well. Generally we’re satisfied with our performance. – Jonathan said

We did everything and that’s great, we’re full of energy. I was a little worry for twizzles, at the morning practice they didn’t turn out, but I did it.  – Tiffany said

Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin

I think it was our best skate of the season. We tried to improve in each element, on the one hand tried to show good technique, on the other hand we really wanted to please and audience with our energy. – Ruslan said.

We tried to add artistically. We want drive, emotions! And then here’s such incredible support, a full arena. We’re so grateful for such an organization. it’s just fantastic. – Elena added

Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov

I am constantly have treatment, do everything to be able to work in full force. But problems remain, we will solve them at the end of the season.

Today we have added in scores, we worked a lot before the competition, and we want to thank Elena Anatolievna Tchaikovskaya, who joined the work with us before the tournament. We made a big step forward and try not to stop, improving and getting over ourself in everything. – said Katsalapov

Victoria told that Tchaikovskaya explains an execution of each element:

She goes on the ice and shows how to work. It’s a great honor for us to work with such a professional!

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin

We have worked a lot on emotional part. The work at practices was built mostly from it, starting with workouts on the floor, we worked a lot with choreographers. We are very pleased that it is clear that we have done this work. – Bukin said

We had to grow up a little bit from our childhood. We must live the program as a pair, show the relationship between man and woman, whatever style it has. – Stepanova added

We wanted to do a hip-hop for a long time. Blues we have already skated. We have buzz from this short dance, I like it very much.- Bukin said

That blues had a bit different character, and this blues is so cheeky, sexy, powerful, we love it! – Stepanova stressed

Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev

We are satisfied, because at the first practice session here we “popped” a little bit, this morning also skated not the best, but at the competition got together and did our work

We are very happy with our scores. Thank very much for such a high appreciation of our work from the judges. We are very happy, but we understand that they want to cheer us, to motivate to work further on and improve. – Dmitri said

I was very nervous today, but as my wise partner said, it’s probably just fatigure. We have competitions all season, a maximum of two week break. I did not feel tired, but when I came here, apparently, it still affected. But little is left – to get together tomorrow, show excellent skate of the free dance, what we able to do, and also to receive very high marks, so our level also increases.  – Ekaterina added.

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