Russian Nationals 2016. Men short program

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Today the Russian National Championships has started.

Men’s short program have finished with quite surprising results:

Maxim Kovtun93,05 (49,40 + 44,65). Maxim did 4 salchow-3 toeloop, 4 toeloop, almost fell on the 3 axel (got a-1 deduction for that). It wasn’t an easy skate for him, he skates in his hometown, lots of support on the arena, huge banners, his parents come to see him skating, so, he really needed a good performance. At the kiss & cry corner Maxim was hiding his face with his hands, I don’t know why, maybe he was crying because felt relieved.

Mikhail Kolyada was the biggest surprise of the men’s short program. I expected him to skate well and maybe to be on the top-three after the short. But 90,55 (48,69+41,86) it’s a great achievement (yes, I know that the on Nationals the scores are more generous but still). He did a 4 toeloop-3 toeloop (not very confident on the landing), 3 axel (his axel looks so easy!) and a 3 lutz.

Adian Pitkeev86,83 (46,09+41,54). Adian had an unpleasant fall from the axel (it also seemed a bit underotated). Aidan gave some comments after his performance:

I have been feeling pain in my back for two weeks because of this had mistakes. During these two weeks, I jumped axel only three times. Therefore, probably, today I fell. Whether the gap can be overcomed ? I do not know. If skate as clean as possible, you can succeed. Functionally I’m ready. The only thing is the triple axel, I hardly trained it in recent weeks.

In the free program, I’m going to do two quads and two axels. I have an experience in terms of performing the axel. Even today’s performance  it is an experience in the implementation of the jump. I hope that tomorrow everything will turn out.” Adian Pitkeev said.

Konstantin Menshov and Sergei Voronov didn’t do well and had an unpleasant results. Menshov is 6th after the sp – 81,21 and Voronov is 9th – 76,29.

Also some sad but predictable news from the Russian men’s skating. Artur Gachinski announced about the end of his sporting career:

For a long time I have been persecuted by injuries, I stopped. But I have to move on, and it’s time to finish my career and go in a new direction. I can say that my decision was easy enough.

And to those guys who now will fight at the Russian Nationals I wish luck and a lot of strength. To sustain what is happening at the international level in figure skating, you need to have steel nerves. Let it be no matter for what is Yuzuru Hanyu doing. This is the only way. – Gachinski said.

Here you can read Tatiana Tarasova’s comments about Russian Nationals and here the entries lists and some thoughts about Stolbova and Klimov withdrawal.



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