Russian Nationals 2016. Ladies short program [video]

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Just incredible competition! Russian ladies did some fenomenal performances.

1.Evgenia Medvedeva – 79,44 (42,14+37,30). Marvelous performance! The scores are like a World record but the results at Nationals don’t count as official records. But such result makes Medveda to be the favorite to win Worlds this season.

I don’t think about records. I have talked already about this in Barcelona. The main thing is to skate clean, to show all I can do. Today, everything was a bit worse than in Grand Prix Final in Barcelona but generally I’m satisfied. Here I skated a little bit restrained, and the jump combination turned out not so wide.

Before the program I was a bit nervous but then I pulled myself together. It’s always more exciting to perform at home. This I felt at the Grand Prix in Moscow. Full arena of people that expect a good result from you and it makes you little bit nervous, but makes you be in a tone. – Medvedeva said

2. Elena Radionova – 76.69 (40.58 + 36.11). It’ll be not easy for Elena to defend her title but she’s a fighter! And definitely won’t give up without a fight. And that’s what I especially like in this girl!

I’m happy with my short program, made all the jumps quite clearly and confidently. In principle, all the elements, I thought I finished the element confidently – the spins and step sequence. Excellent scores, I can not argue with them! I just need to come tomorrow and fight in free program.

I had a goose bumps, I experienced a bit of a shock when the entire audience stood up at the end of the program. And before the skate, they shouted: “Lena, come on, we are with you!”. This is so nice,  the championship takes place not in Moscow but people are so supportive of me. – Elena said.

3. Julia Lipnitskaya73.77 (38.37+35.40). They have reworked the program a bit (the order of elements), she even add a tano triple lutz! Great come back!

I feel that I have refreshed on 200% for this three weeks, – Lipnitskaya said.

I had some jitters before the performance. I watched the boys yesterday. For everyone it was hard. Especially for those who was born here. Today I talked with Max Kovtun, he even spoiled me the mood.

I was nervous already on the warm-up, and when I came on the start, was very afraid to let down the public. Gave everything I had. Hence, the tears.

4. Anna Pogorilaya – 71.22 (37.27+33.95). Anna also make a great come back after a couple of disastrous performances at Grand-prix event. She also has a strong free program, so she’s keeping a chance to medal at Nationals.

Today I wanted to beat everyone! Before Russian Championship lots of people have been helping me. Victor Kudryavtsev, Nikolai Morozov came to Moscow for a few days. We did not meet but it supported me mentally. And all the people who work with me, the coach, the federation, my parents were really supportive after unsuccessful performance in Japan. They didn’t help to that changed my outlook but helped to believe in myself, set myself differently.

Because Russian Nationals isn’t Grand Prix. There we try to get in to the final but the Russian Championship is another story. And perform on it it’s more exciting.

At the Grand-prix I was a bit clamped in the short program. And we needed to overcome all this. Overcome it in performances, in costumes, in front of the audience. We specifically invited people to the skating rink. We simulated the situation like at competitions. I hope that we are on the right way.

How great to know that Anna get the portion of support, she really needed that!

Adelina Sotnikova finished the short program at the 5th place – 69.47 (33.93+36.54).

I don’t know the reason of the fall on the second jump. I’ll think about it and will thoroughly analyze. I can’t say that there was a strong nervous, just something went wrong. And then with this fall I hadn’t the desired feeling of drive. It seems everything is going well but I need to work on jumps, though here in practice I didn’t do a single mistake. Everything was nice and calm. But in the routine didn’t turn out.

At the six-minute warm-up I fell badly and hit the board. I thought that it would give a kind of push, give an extra reason to get involved. But happened on the contrary, also hip was in pain. In general, it didn’t work as wanted – Adelina said.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva had an unpleasant performance and she’s only on the 9th place – 63.68 (30.43+34.25). Seems that the reason wasn’t in the new program. The old one didn’t help either. The triple axel is a huge risk and I think at this moment Elizaveta isn’t ready for it physically….and now probably mentally too.

I was very nervous before these competitions, I had strong excitement at the trainings. Excitement can be different. Sometimes it is adequate and sometimes is not. At the warm-up I tried to deal with this improper excitement but in the skate I couldn’t concentrate. Even going on axel, I was trying to control but it turned out a fall.

Short is the first program, it is necessary to go out and skate with confidence. And after the short the free program is easier psychologically. I have such a stupid head that I can not go smoothly. I need a recession, and then I can “explode”. I hope that this recession will be gone as soon as possible, and I’ll be able to show more confident skating.

I have an experience of winning back a ten points by the free program. But you can’t always rely on the free program. I’m not a robot. – Tuktamysheva said.

Here’re other video and results from the Russian Nationals 2016: short dance, pair’s short and men’s short program.


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