Russian Nationals 2016. Ladies free program [video]

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The ladiest competiton at Russian Nationals was really heartbreaking. Too may great girls, who can sucessfully skate and win medals at the European Championships and event at Worlds. And only three spots…In such situations you start to hate the current figure skating rules.

1.Evgenia Medvedeva – 155,44 (78,41+77,03) and the total score 234,88. Huge scores! Great skating. But I’m not so optimistic. We all know what can happened with young and tiny, extremely talented girls in figure skating…..they grow up and lose their jumps and combinations. But right now Evgenia is fabulous.

Evgenia comments her victory:

This victory is very important for me. At the beginning of the season I could only dream about getting such scores. Thanks to my coaches, they prepared me so well, thanks to all the fans who supported me. It is very important for me. I can’t describe my emotions with words, I’m really happy.

About preparation for the European Championships:

Maintaining the shape it’s a routine every day work. The main thing is to to set yourself mentally. After the Grand-prix final I was resting one day. Then, immediately came on the ice, because I understand it’s just a few days before the National Championship, and I need to stick to the usual training schedule  and keep myself in a good shape.

I will not say anything about the competition because weak people don’t go to the sport. All rivals have very strong characterI think that with coaches we will continue to work every day, by the same scheme. 

My goal is to train, to prepare myself, to skate clean because the main rival is you. And it is not just words. To overcome  yourself it’s the most difficult and most important task. – Medvedeva said.

2. Elena Radionova – 145,88 (72,34+73,54) for the free program and total score 222,57. Elena didn’t defend her national title….but it seemed to be impossible. This season she start to growth and faced some struggles because of that but she’s a real fighter.

I knew that I need to go and skate clean, and I did. I’m very pleased that I was able to gather. It was my best start. It was more confident and clearer than at the Grand-prix in Moscow. Physically it was harder today than it was then.

Russian Championship is always one of the most difficult starts in terms of emotions and forces, as it takes place in the end of the year, when you do not have time to recover from the other tournaments. It is difficult to gather.

I came from the Grand-prix final and realized that I have grew up. I was a little upset. Of course, I want to be 1.67 meters tall, it’s ideal, but my dress for the free program become a bit small. Breathing becomes difficult, so we have to change it a little. – Elena said.

3. Anna Pogorilaya – 143,08 (70,83+72,25) and the total score 214,30. Anna managed to be on that podium! Actually she’s quite a surprising bronze medalist. After her disastrous grand-prix event in Japan it looks like a miracle. Yep just rise like a phoenix!

About European Championships:

Of course, I would like to fight for a medal. Although not even for a medal, but for a clean skate. And why to fight when we go on the ice and we really like it? Is it necessary to go with such mindset to  beat them all? Ok, you will beat them but the audience won’t like it, and internally you will not be satisfied.

When you skate “up to break”, it’s much nicer inside. You give so much energy to the audience, and they appreciate it, they like you, and you starting to like it. Moreover If it’s a clean skate it’s just a crazy feeling! – Anna said.

An Olympic Champion Adelina Sotnikova finished only on the six place with the total score 197,98.

About her performance:

Today my performance turned out much better than conventional skates. I agree that now technically I loose to my rivals. But with other components I still can push myself. Today the mood is better, I’m pleased with myself. Now I want to work more on technique.

About the new color of the dress:

A new dress is the same as black. I just decided to change the color. I like black and I didn’t put it down for good, but it still gives more tragic scene. I think blue conveys the feelings right. – Adelina said.

Personaly I prefere this dress in black color.

Julia Lipnitskaya placed only 7th with the total score 195,24, and that’s after a successful and promising short program!

Alexei Urmanov about Julia’s plans for the second half of the season:

We are planning to go to Saransk to participate in the Final of the Russian cup. But I can’t confidently say yet that yes, for sure we will participate.

The reigning World Champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva placed only 8th at the Russian Nationals with the total score 194,74. And that’s mean that Elizaveta won’t have an opportunity to defend her title.

Elizaveta about her performance:

Among the negative aspects of today’s performances I want tp focus on torn triple flip. Among the positive aspects are triple axel and a triple-triple” combination. After the error on the flip in my head were real geometric constructions, I have setted myself on every jump. I was mentally replaying them.

Alexei Mishin about this season and future plans:

The life of an athlete consists of alternating of victories and defeats. And the defeat is a powerful stimulus for growth. This season went wrong for Liza.Therefore, her miss of the European Championship is unpleasant but expected.

We are looking forward to the Olympic Games in South Korea and it is our main goal. But soon Elizaveta’s time will be devoted to international tournaments and the final of the Russian Cup, which is traditionally considered as one of the stages of qualifiers for the World Championships. 

Here also the video and results of the ladies short program at the Russian Nationals. And video and results of the free dance and men’s free program



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