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With such fierce competition among ladies in Russian National team every competition is important. To check the program and elements, to gain competition experience and confidence, to show what are you capable of, to show that you can deal with your competitors etc. This weekend we could seen five Russian senior ladies at different competition. Some thoughts about it:

  1. Adelina Sotnikova is really serious about her come back. She won the short program at Mordovian Open with quite rediculous marks for such skate – 75.57. Yes, I understand that it was at home and she is an Olympic Champion…..but for the program with 3t-3t is too much.

I like the program, think it’s the best she ever has. Skated with lots of fire, she improved a lot in presentation and interpretation. What I like the most is that she skates relaxed and definitely enjoys what she’s doing and no more “bambi eyes full of scare”. Second 3T looks a bit underotated, but everything else is done great.

Free program looks not so optimistic. Maybe the physical shape if far from optimal yet, but tendency to pop the flip is become quite worrying. Adelina totally is a queen of skating skills among Russian girls, her skating is so powerful and smooth! What I don’t like is too many two footed skating, there are no difficult transitions in this program. I also don’t like that there are lots os similar arm and body moves repeated again and again.

2. Anna Pogorilaya had almost a skate of her life and won the event. Her score was over 10 points higher than Sotnikova’s.

Great and powerful music. With all jumps done this program looks impressive. But Anna still needs to work hard on her second mark because without clean jumps this program she can’t hope to get high components score. She has lots of arm moves but seems she is always in hursh and doesn’t finish all the moves, her free leg is not stretched enough all those moments just spoil the overall impression. But Anna has proved again that she is a fighter!

The dress is just tasteless. Read what I think about it here.

3. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva continues her fight with 3 axel. Not successfully in short program this time. But she needs to try it in every competition she participate in to get the confidence and consistency. This routine showed how difficult and risky this jump is and how it can affect badly all other jumps in the program. She also doubled 3A in her free program, but everything else were pretty solid. But I somehow don’t worry about Elizaveta, sure she will be ready up to main competitions.

4. If Alena Leonova will manage to skate both programs clean at she will have some chances to get the medal from GP events and also show to Russian Federation that it’s early to write her off. Her short program is just amazing! Yes, it’s old but suits her a lot and every time a watch is with a smile:

See the video if Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin from Mordovian Ornament 2015, read mine review about it here.

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