Russian Junior Champion Alina Gorbacheva has gone missing in Moscow

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Figure skater Alina Gorbacheva, Russian Junior champion, has gone missing in Moscow.

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source: RSport / Championat / KP

This was reported by the mother of the 16-year-old athlete.

Gorbacheva went missing around 7:00 PM the day before. The figure skater left the ice rink at the “Chkalov Arena” and headed towards the Vladimir Church. The last time she was captured on camera was at the address Volokolamskoye Shosse, property number 67.

“There is currently no information about Alina. We are still searching; there are only camera recordings of her entering the park and nothing else. A cynologist with a dog has arrived, and they will search. But a lot of time has already passed,” said Ekaterina Gorbacheva.

Alina Gorbacheva is the 2023 Russian Junior Champion.

According to Championat, Gorbacheva had been considering changing coaches (her coach is Sofia Fedchenko) and may currently be staying with one of her friends.

This information is reported by “Championat” with reference to the SHOT Telegram channel.

According to the source, there was a conflict between Alina’s coach, Sofia Fedchenko, and the skater’s mother due to the fact that the coach took the girl away from her mother when she was nine years old.

Gorbacheva was exchanging messages with a friend shortly before her disappearance. Her friend didn’t notice anything suspicious. The skater told that she was going to a training session and did not get in touch anymore.

According to “Baza,” on the day of her disappearance, Alina Gorbacheva refused to go to practice.

According to “Baza,” a conflict between Alina and Sofia Fedchenko occurred before the start of the training. The girl ran into the locker room, and when Fedchenko entered, she only saw Gorbacheva’s skates.

Initially, the coaches thought that Alina was just upset — thinking that arguments happen, and she would soon come back after taking a breath of fresh air. Either to the ice rink or back home to Fedchenko’s place (the coach and the skater lived together). However, nobody saw the skater after that. When it became clear that Alina had disappeared, a search was initiated around the ice rink area, involving the police and search teams. Alina had her passport, cash, phone, tablet, and a dark-blue backpack with her.

During the night, search teams explored the park near Pokrovskaya Embankment and Vladimirskaya Church — precisely where she was last spotted by cameras at 19:08. Nevertheless, they found no traces of her. She didn’t exit the park. Alina’s information was entered into the facial recognition database, but so far, the cameras in Moscow haven’t detected her.

Alina Gorbacheva’s grandmother has revealed details about the argument between her granddaughter and the coach before her disappearance.

The junior champion of Russia disappeared in Moscow around 19:00 the day before, after leaving the ice rink at “Chkalov Arena.” The last time she was seen on camera was at the address Volokolamskoye Shosse, building 67.

Gorbacheva is coached by Sofia Fedchenko.

“I haven’t talked to my granddaughter for a while, I saw her at a show. My granddaughter hasn’t written anything to me lately. I spoke to my daughter today. My granddaughter had an argument with the coach and left. We don’t know the reason for the argument with the coach.

For three years, the coach has forbidden Alina from communicating with us. She said that to achieve success, you shouldn’t communicate with grandmothers, mothers, fathers, or anyone.

In the last three years, the coach even forbade us from meeting with her. We kept silent so as not to spoil the child’s career. My granddaughter never complained herself. The coach brainwashed the child.

But she never had a depressive state. She was more composed. Everything was fine.

Alina has a card. This card was linked to the coach’s phone. After the argument, my granddaughter took 20-30 thousand rubles and her passport. And she left the coach’s apartment,” the skater’s grandmother said.


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  1. Yes, I would definitely interrogate the coach. My first suspect. They could have had a serious altercation, she may have fallen hit her head. Could have been fatal. He would transfer to another area. I pray she is found alive . ✝️❤️✝️

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