Russian ice dancer got medical treatment in Toledo

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I was surprized that Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov got two last Grand Prix, in Asia, in a row and didn’t get a stage in North America … was weird and unexpected. Perhaps, this information will help to clarify the situation.

In May Nikita had a shoulder surgery in Toledo.

We work a lot every day doing the same things. My shoulder, sometimes, is really bad… but if you know that you have competitions coming soon… you need to go and show your best and work through the pain… but after that, you have to fix your problem. – Nikita said.

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It can be a reason why they get such a late not really comfortable Grand-prix. Maybe due to surgery they had to make a break in training and preparation and now haven’t enough time to prepare for early GP stages? Hope Nikita’s shoulder is ok now and we’ll see them at Russian test skates!


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