Russian ice dance drama [30.03.2018]

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It’s Friday, time to check Russian ice dance.

Ekaterina and Dmitri started to enjoy their season-break. Perfect time to learn how to cook tasty dishes, as long as you no longer need to keep in shape)

Bobrova Soloviev

and go on family vacation. Katya, her husband Andrei Deputat and her sister

This hard season for Alexandra and Ivan is finally over.

Stepanova Bukin

Stepanova Bukin

First Worlds for Tiffany anf John!

By the way, have you noticed Tiffany’s patriotic nails?)

Seems they both had a great time in Milan:

Tiffany Zahorski

It’s not what it seems, right?) Jsut sharing lifts expirience?

This weeks fans had an opportunity to please their inner Sherlocks) Pavel Drozd posted a photo from another vacation. This time from Barcelona:

Pavel Drozd

And Natalia Zabijako also posted a photo from the same place. So fans started to guess what is going on. Are they together now? Did Natalia and Misha Ge broke up?

I guess this photo proves that we have a new couple:

Pavel Drozd

At least there’s no risk of new ice dance team, because Natalia is doing pairs)

Betina Popova had lovely photoshoot on ballet theme:

Betina Popova

Betina Popova

I really liked their Carmen FD this season, interesting what they’ll prepare for the next season. But I still can’t get used to blonde Sergei Mozgov)

Sergei Mozgov

last week episode [11.03-18.03.2018]


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One response to “Russian ice dance drama [30.03.2018]”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    Natalia and Misha might have broken up??? Oh no! I can’t take this…

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