Russian ice dance drama [16.03.2018]

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When nothing dramatic or scandalous happens in Russian ice dance I start to think that it’s not good) Because every fan of ice dance know you should be always mentally prepared for another hot off-season with tears and break-ups. But while everything seems to be calm……

Ekaterina Bobrova took part in Russian tv-show, together with her friend Evgenia Medvedeva.

Ekaterina Bobrova Evgenia Medvedeva

Ekaterina Bobrova, Evgenia Medvedeva

Pavel Drozd doesn’t forget about trainings even during his day-offs.

Pavel Drozd

Betina Popova changes skates for pointe shoes. Too many ballerinas for one national team as for me)))

Betinq Popova

While one dancers enjoying the off-season, others prepares for Worlds, younger generation storm Instagram. Sofia Shevchenko and Igor Eremenko:

Shevchenko Eremenko

Shevchenko Eremenko

Shevchenko eremenko

and a portion of positive from Elena Ilinykh

Elena Ilinykh

elena Ilinykh

last week episode [09.03.2018]


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