Russian coaches commented on performances at Finlandia Trophy

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Alexei Mishin, Elena Buyanova and Nina Mozer commented on performances of their skaters in the short programs at Finlandia Trophy 2017.

Alexei Mishin commented on Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Alexander Petrov’s performances:

Liza did well, like all the prize-winners. The fact that scores are below 70, well the judges were strict this day. In my opinion Lisa skated excellently, originally, in her own manner.

Petrov had serious health problems. He came to these competitions right from the hospital. More precisely, only on Saturday he left hospital. – Mishin said and explained that it’s not an injury.

He will gain shape, and judging by the way he looked, I think he was one of the best among Russians in the short program.

Elena Buyanova about Maria Sotskova:

Masha did well! She coped with the excitement. After test skates, we worked very hard, corrected mistakes. It’s the beginning. We continue to prepare.

Nina Mozer about Ksenia Stolbova / Fedor Klimov:

The first competition for Fedya and Ksusha went well, they skated the short program well. There was a mistake on the twist, they didn’t reach the required level on the death spiral. But their scores can’t be compared with those that were received by other athletes at other competitions, because different judges work at competitions. Here (at Finlandia Trophy) the judges are more “greedy” in PCS. But we’re in a great mood.


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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Love Maria’s performance and she looks so cute in pink! :)

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