“Right before the US Nationals I got injured and had to make a decision about my career.” Ice dancer Grigory Smirnov about parting with Avonley Nguyen and retirement

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Grigory Smirnov about his decision to part with Avonley Nguyen and retire.

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Grigory Smirnov: I have really ended my career, the decision was quite difficult, I think everyone heard that I was leaving for America.

We teamed up with Avonley Nguyen, performed at one internal event. Right before the US Nationals, I got injured, because of that we didn’t manage to perform there. Later the injury made itself felt and I had to make a decision to end my sports career.

We remained in excellent relations with Avonley, we communicate, I returned to Moscow, now I work in the group of Anjelika Krylova as a second coach, I help with all her duets.


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