Revolution in US ice dance

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From the beginning of the season lots of figure skating fans were predictioning that probably US Figure skating Federation will change their first pair in ice dance.

Madison Chock and Evan Bates had a rough start of season. Triple change of a short dance, the idea of a freedance was ambitions….but as it turned out maybe too ambitious for them? And they started to make mistakes…..At that time many fans were wondering why the Federation continue to support them instead of Shibutani, who is stronger technically and more consistent?

And “They are brother and sister and there is no chemistry between them, so, their repertoire for programs is limited” it’s not an answer. But of course they need do chose ideas for their dances wisely (but who shouldn’t?). This year Maia and Alex have an amazing free dance, which I think made a big contribution in their victory.

After a great performances at NHK Trophy the change was expected to happened at Grand-prix Final in Barcelona. Thou it didn’t happen there. Maybe mostly because Shibutani wasn’t perfect technically….

But here we’re…….Maia and Alex Shibutani are new US National Champions! I’m so happy for them! After have being third and second for so long eventually a long-expected gold! Their free program just breathtaking and left me in tears and the reaction in k&c corner is just priceless!

You know back in 2011 I saw them live winning a bronze medal of World Championships. Many was talking that maybe it was too early for them….(anyway it wasn’t their fault that Bourzat fell!) and from that…it was like a curse. They couldn’t repeat their success. That is why I’m really happy for them, it’s a totally deserve win and a chance to be in the top-three at Worlds. I hope for it. And I try to get away from the worries that at Four Continents they will be again under Chock and Bates.

I wish Maia and Alex a lot of luck and keep my fingers crossed for them!


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