Quebec summer championships 2017 review

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Finally I got a chance to watch some video from summer competition in Montreal. So let’s discuss!

Please note: if you want to read only pleasant comments because guys tried so hard and bla bla bla, then you’re in the wrong place.

I also going to discuss only new programs.

Let’s start from Meagan and Eric SP

video by Brau Avitia youtube channel

I’m not gonna judge the quality of elements, because it’s still an off-season. I’ll just discuss the program itself. First of all it’s a very beautiful song. I guess this SP is choreographed by John Kerr? Because I can see the same style with Savchenko/Massot’s last season FP. Surprisingly, but Meagan and Eric looks pretty good in this style, refuting the prevailing view that they look good only in strong and powerful music. I also loved the noble grey color! Eric’s shirt is amazing, Meagan’s dress could have been completely amazing if not the translucent part on the bodice. Oh please don’t upset me, telling that these are only a temporary costumes!(

Kirsten Moore-Towers and Michael Marinaro

SP link starting with 21.40

I really like the idea and choreo of this program! This style “strong but sexy” suits them a lot, especially Kirsten. The only thing, by the end of the program the tempo of the music start growing, this change starts when they’re doing lift and simply can’t correspond to this change. This would look great on the “difficult landing variety”aka Ekaterina Bobrova’s lift….but maybe they were just a bit late with the music. I’m looking forward to see this program polished and prepared. Oh , and I really liked the costumes!

Marissa Castelli and Mervin Tran FP

I think it’s quite an ambitious choice. The music isn’t easy to interpret and the program will make an impression only skated close to clean. So they made the task harder for themselves. Yet it’s hard to say something more. I loved the costumes! Mervin  look so great! Marissa decided to continue the ash rose trend?) The dress is gorgeous, but I think this program asks for red dress.

Alaine Chartrand

video by мой канал youtube channel

The program is done well, lots of musical accents and each of them is highlighted with some moves. It seemed that such sharpness of moves should suit Alaine, but…..I can’t get rid of feeling that she showing the moves she learned rather than actually feeling them. Even more I caught myself thinking that the program isn’t comfortable for her. Maybe it’s too early to judge? Another but….you should have good posture for tango, can’t say that about Alaine and this dress don’t hide it.

video by мой канал youtube channel

She seems to be more comfortable with her FP. It isn’t special or memorable, but lovely program that she’s able to present well. Quite a smart choice. And I like the dress, please don’t overdecorate it)))

Elladj Balde FP

Cheerful, fun and charming program, when you find yourself smiling from the very beginning. Thank you Elladj, we need more entertainment programs! He hears the music well and he’s such a performer. I’m sure the audience will like this program!

Olivia Smart and Adria Diaz

I’m surprised to say that, but despite music problems, I liked this minimalistic latina. Especially the beginning, such rhythmic and quite unusual. So I wished they found some other music part than Despacito, something in the same style. Oh and I hope they will keep the laconic concept of costumes.

video by diodio0013plus youtube channel

Can’t say much about the free dance. Just a dance, nothing interesting or memorable. Olivia is a chic blonde….Adria trying to show a macho. That’s all.

Carolane Soucisse and Shane Firus

video by diodio0013plus youtube channel

Oh she’s completely not a latina dancer. And they only highlighted that by “evening dress” instead of something bright and playful. If you can’t be playful in latina at least let your skirt be playful and do part of your job. Plus they also look mismatched, his costume is casual, so looking at him I expected a “street latina”, but she’s in “serious” evening dress…..I’d say, give a girl short, bright dress with a fringe skirt and overall impression will be much better.

video by diodio0013plus youtube channel

Completely different impression about the free dance. It suits them, they feel comfortable with this choreo and this style of music. Lovely jazzy dance, with no drama) Oh and a green dress!) Yes, I’ll praise every skater who wears unusual for figure skating colors)

Marie-Jade Lauriault and Romain Le Gac

video by diodio0013plus youtube channel

Whether it’s her dress or music cut, but their latina looks old-fashioned. I don’t know what he wants to show us, but it’s a bit too much, especially when his girl isn’t that emotional.

video by diodio0013plus youtube channel

I have a mixed feeling…..there’re some cool ideas, I like the first part of the dance….But there’s too much acrobatics for my taste. Yes, some trics are relly impressive, but still it’s ice dance not acrobatics on the ice, so I want to see some idea of the dance, some development, some dancing moves…..This dance also lacks a bright finale.



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3 Responses to “Quebec summer championships 2017 review”

  1. Catlady says:

    Thanks for this review! I look forward to your reviews this coming season

  2. jimmbboe says:

    I agree that Alaine’s SP needs some work(it’s still early) but I love both her costumes! :)

    • FS Gossips says:

      Her SP has so many moves and they all placed just right into the music, so it’s requires a lot of energy to do all that. Probably she needs more time to get used to this program and to add more freedom. But I think she’ll cope with this task. Her Pina SP also was a difficult program, but she coped greatly.

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