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Polina Tsurskaya as many other athletes have a comment about the importance of Youth Olympics for young athletes:

For me II Winter Youth Olympic Games is a new experience. There will be the same rivals with whom I compete many times. The task is to skate clean and fight for the victory, both in the team and in the individual event. Of course, in 2 years I’d like to get to the senior Olympics.

Lots of people will be watch the Youth Olympic Games. Indeed, here you have a great opportunity to  show yourself and to be remembered around the world. The audience, judges and representatives of different countries and the Figure Skating Federations will know that there is a strong girl, ready to fight for victory. Then at the adult competitions I will be taken into account ..

Everything is like at the senior Olympics, included and team and individual events. So it’s a rehearsal before the senior Games. Each of us really want to get there. I remember that the world champion Liza Tuktamysheva, an Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova took part in the previous Youth Games in Innsbruck four years ago. I think, I also will be remembered for the performance at the Games in Norway. And older rivals will already be taking me in account.

Polina also has made an appeal to the fans:

Fans please don’t worry about me. Save your nerves to my senior competitions. I hope I will skate for a long time

Tsurskaya was an absolute favorite to win the Winter Youth Olympics Games in Lillehammer but finished only 4th after the short program..

The result is more than just surprizing because judges have found two underrotations on Polina’s huge jumps! Both 3lutz in combination with 3toeloop and 3 flip were called underrotated. Hmm…there’s still no good video from this event (that what bothers me the most! It’s an Olympics not a some small b even! And there’s no good strem or video!) so it’s difficult to tell whether the judges were really strict or Polina has some difficulties with her shape.

The gap with the current leader is small, so I think Tsurskaya can still do great in the free program and win the title:

I was too nervous. After the step sequence just stood on straight legs, jumped heavy. I tried to give everything emotionally, because I knew that if I surrender in this, the components will be very small.

But it’s real to win back, the gap between the leaders is not so big. – Polina said

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