Plushenko still in Russian National team

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Honorary President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Valentin Piseev gave a comment that they won’t remove Plushenko from the National team despite the fact that an athlete misses a season. This comment have caused a great stir and indignation among Russian figure skating fans.

He’s included into the Russian National team and no one is going to consider the question about Plushenko. Evgeni is one of the candidates, he receives a salary. We now have an expanded line-up, so his position is absolutely in no danger and he isn’t prohibited to identify himself as member of the National team.

Yes, he doesn’t compete but preparing himself in the show. This, of course, is not the official competition but we can say that show is considered as an element of preparation. Most importantly, he doesn’t quit skating. – Piseev said

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What can I say…..I completely agree with all Russian fans who think that it’s an absurd. Plushenko who hasn’t competed since Team Event at Olympics 2014 is considered as a member of the National team, gets funding and salary….for what? For doing shows and making money? While some other skaters need some support from the Federation and some funding for b-events, costumes, choreographers!

Yes, Plushenko is a legend….but I think this situation crosses the limits. Especially I like this point “show is considered as an element of preparation”! Just what?! Have you ever heard something like this?

And some comments from his coach Alexei Mishin about Plushenko and next Olympics 2018:

I have already said that Plushenko almost healthy. Of course, he’s ready. But this is about something else – whether his vital resource and health reserve will stand two pre-Olympic cycles. It is a question of decision-making tactics.

Now he just walked away from formal sports training, he is devoted to work with choreographers, work on improvement of the elements, to find some new choreo-decisions and creation of health reserve, which is very important in this case.

Of course, he seeks to participate in the Olympics, but he will make the decision himself. My task as a coach – to be with him on his sports and vital way till the end. – Mishin said.

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Yep….It’s always important to quit in appropriate time…..


See the video of men’s free program at Russian Nationals. Personally I think that any of this skaters, who participated in Russian Nationals deserved this funding way more than Plushenko!


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6 Responses to “Plushenko still in Russian National team”

  1. Open says:

    Se fosse davvero plosibise mi piacerebbe troppo tornare indietro nel tempo ai Campionati Mondiali del 2000!Anche perche8 ci sarebbe ancora in competizione Ste9phane ….Invece per ora visto che non esiste macchina del tempo mi tocca solo aspettere l’edizione dei Campionati Mondiali di Nizza 2012|

  2. Lili says:

    Plushenko said he doesn’t need salary. The Federation wants to give him so he gaives the money to charity.

  3. Svetlana says:

    Interesting, how no one mentioned others russian men’s skaters who are ALSO in “reserve team” (as well as Plushenko) and dont compete this season (previous season) or make any result worth mentioning…. here is complete list of men’s reserve from official site of Russian Skating federation – check did you ever heard for some names:
    Gachinsky Arthur
    Gordey Gorshkov
    Kvitelashvili Maurice
    Kolyada Mikhail
    Kurbanov Murad
    Lazukin Andrey
    Plushenko Evgeni
    Shulepov Anton

    P.S. it would also be interesting to comment on the enormous amount of Honorary President, bureaucrats, advisers and experts who receive much higher salaries than Plushenko from Russian state.
    I hope that you will have enough guts to publish my post.

    • FS Gossips says:

      As for the list of names – Gachinski quitted with skating so, he will be definitely out of the list. Kolyada will go to Europeans and placed seconв at the Russian Nationals. Kvitelashvili, Lazukin, Shulepov participated in Russian Nationals and some b-events. Maybe their results are not impressive but about them we can say – active sportsman.

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