Playing safe and winning gold

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Italians Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte were one of those few who didn’t succumb to general fluids of creativity. They decided to create dances that are 100% suitable and comfortable for them, that will be totally in their style.

The short dance to operetta The Merry Widow suits them a lot. It’s light, cheerful music. But it’s a classical piece and judges showed it clearly that they prefere classical waltzes to creative ones. It’s not a dramatic piece, you don’t need to show passion or despair, just a nice dance to nice music. I think it’s a perfect choice for them, it what they feel good and can perform good.

The free dance is also a gorgeous choice for Anna and Luca! It suits their temper and skating style. I like this dance. It one of those dances where everything is clear without huge libretto. It’s like watching a retro or black-and-white movie. Sweet feeling of nostalgia. Beautiful picture on the ice and seems judges have appreciated it too.

I can say that Cappellini and Lanotte have played safe with their music choice. But it turned out a right decision. While lots of skaters are struggling with their creative or unusual for them dancing styles and choreo, Anna and Luca perform greatly what they are good in. And it worked. Because they don’t need to make an additional efforts to get used to new styles to show to judges how they have changed. So, they can concentrate more on the technical side of their programs.

Maybe they looks a bit slow, especially by the end of the dances, but their twizzles look amazing – close, fast and synchronised. The lifts are great and Anna is doing her steps very accurately. And that totally paid off.

The next GP event for them is Cup of Russia, where they will face Sinitsina-Katsalapov, Ilinykh-Zhigansin again and Weaver-Poje. To get into the GP Final they need to place from 1st to 4th places. But I think 1-2 is their aim. But who knows….the Russians definetly want to get somehow into the Final too.

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