Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier’s future costumes?

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I really liked the free dance of Canadian duo Piper Gilles Paul Poirier and can’t wait to see it on competition routine. But we still haven’t seen the short dance. The only thing we know is music. As for me, Lucy in the sky with diamonds by Beatles is a great choice for Piper and Paul.

Recently they took part in Ontario Summer Skates, I hoped will be some video from there, but still no. At least we can see some photos.

gpIs there any chance that is their real costumes for the competition? Because I quite like it! Maybe I would just choose another color for the Piper’s dress. I also appreciate attention to details, like this hair accessorize it adds some hippy notes to the image.

I also like a lot their costumes for the show:


Simple, light and romantic. I have a feeling that this season we will see completely new Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier. And I’m really excited. Will it be a fight for the #1 ice dancing duo in Canadian National team?

See the new free dance of Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier


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