“Phenomenal duo! From an artistic point of view, they are exceptional.” Benoit Richaud about working with Diana Davis / Gleb Smolkin and Tutberidze

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Benoit Richaud, about working with Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin and why they’re a phenomenal pair. Benoit also shared his impressions of Eteri Tutberidze.

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About new program

Benoit Richaud: This program is about Gleb and Diana – about this pair, their story and individual characters. When you create something related to the performers, it always makes the program true, emotional and authentic. It doesn’t look shallow. I think our creative process has helped the skaters go beyond what they are used to doing. They realized that they could open not one door, but a thousand doors. They have a unique spirit that comes through in the program.

I do not want to reveal all the secrets of the program, since it belongs to the guys. I just helped bring the idea to life. The only thing I can say is that the dance is about them.

About what differs this duo from others

Benoit Richaud: I saw that this young and promising duo wanted to push the boundaries of figure skating. I guess that’s why they came to me because I share that interest.

Gleb and Diana are just phenomenal! They are in great shape, and not separately: the individual abilities of each work together to create something even more powerful. From an artistic point of view, they are exceptional. I also like that skaters live in reality: for me, being in touch with reality means understanding what you need to do and when you need to push yourself in a different direction.

Diana and Gleb have everything you could dream of as a pair. They are hardworking, listen and think broadly, looking in a different direction than other skaters. I would say it’s amazing for ice dance. I think everyone wants to look the same, but this pair doesn’t.

Will it be useful for Diana and Gleb to move to the US team? I have no comments on this matter. I am a choreographer and my focus is solely on creating the best choreography for this duo. It doesn’t matter to me which country the skaters represent. I just discovered for myself two charming people with a wonderful inner world.

About the role of Eteri Tutberidze in choreographing process

Benoit Richaud: Eteri was present at the rink during the creation of this program. First of all, in the role of Diana’s mother – a guide who provided support. And, of course, as an outstanding and very experienced coach. I communicated more with Gleb and Diana, as my work is always focused on the specific choreographic needs of athletes. Eteri, on the other hand, treated the work process with great respect.

I feel like every day and every experience is a learning process. I am firmly convinced that we should take the best from each meeting. I was lucky to have such a wonderful experience with Gleb, Diana and Eteri. I was happy to have meaningful conversations with Eteri, share our ideas about figure skating, its progress and future.


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