Petr Gumennik: “I can dismantle the machine gun in 11 seconds, but I hope that my main battle preparation will be the Olympic one.”

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Interview with Petr Gumennik. About preparation for the season, new programs, army, faith and Beijing Olympics.

source: dd. 30th August 2021 by Boris Khodorovski


What programs will you skate in the Olympic season?

Petr Gumennik: The short program is to a modern music, it was choreographed by Nikolai Morozov. This is an unusual choice for me. And I had never used such music before, and have never skate such a step sequence that Morozov created. In a word, a very interesting experience, which, I hope, will bring results.

And you decided to go with classics for the free program, right?

Petr Gumennik: Yes, I will skate to the music of Aram Khachaturian for the ballet “Spartacus”. This program was staged by the choreographer of our group Nikolai Moroshkin. After Romeo and Juliet and The Phantom of the Opera, the choice of Spartacus was quite logical. We can say that I continue the tradition.

Last season turned out to be crumpled. How difficult was it to prepare for this one?

Petr Gumennik: Compared to last season, it was much easier. There were no long and unplanned breaks in ice training, we worked very productively at the training camp in Sochi. We can say that in the preparatory cycle we returned to our usual schedule.

At the training camp in Sochi, Elena Tchaikovskaya came to your training. How useful were the advice and recommendations of such a specialist?

Petr Gumennik: A look from the outside is always useful. Moreover, from such a reputable specialist as Elena Anatolyevna. She gave some really practical advice that Veronika Anatolyevna Daineko (Petr’s coach) and I use in the training process.

Did you take part in the recent closed test skates in St. Petersburg?

Petr Gumennik: Of course. This is a very useful experience before the test skates of the national team in Chelyabinsk. Six months have passed since my last competitions. I needed to recall the competitive sensations. Although the skates were closed, there were spectators associated with the participants. There were also judges. In general, I even recalled how to deal with the excitement before going on the ice.

And how was the skating, if not a secret?

Petr Gumennik: I made some mistakes, but their nature is clear to me. I will try to avoid them in Chelyabinsk.

Have you complicated the content compared to last season?

Petr Gumennik: Last year I used a lot of options. I performed the program with one quadruple, with two, with a lutz, without lutz. There are also two options for this season. Either I will jump only salchow – one in the short program and two in the free program, or I will also add a toe loop. I will not experiment with lutz.

Having become the silver medalist of the Russian Cup Final, you were supposed to get into the national main team, but for now you are on the reserve …

Petr Gumennik: It doesn’t bother me at all. There is no fundamental difference between the main and reserve teams. Selection to the European Championships and then to the Olympics will take place at the Russian Championship in St. Petersburg.

The fact that the main qualifying start of the season will be in your hometown, is it an advantage?

Petr Gumennik: I don’t know! Perhaps the presence of family and friends in the stands, as well as training in a familiar environment will help, but I’m used to going somewhere to the Russian Nationals. It even inspired me.

Your father is an Orthodox priest, but unlike some skaters of the Russian national team, you never cross yourself before performing programs …

Petr Gumennik: I don’t consider it necessary to flaunt my faith. It’s in me. I visit the church, I try to fast, but in such a way that it does not interfere with the training load.

You were going to retake the United State Exam in biology, thinking about taking medicine and continuing family traditions through your mother’s line.

Petr Gumennik: I have already retaken biology and am thinking about entering the university for a specialty related to this science. But I’ll have to wait a year. Now I am serving in the Armed Forces. In a sports company.

Did you acquire any skills not related to figure skating during your service?

Petr Gumennik: I was engaged in marching training, I can dismantle the machine gun in 11 seconds. I still hope that my main battle preparation will be the Olympic one.

How do you assess your chances of a trip to Beijing?

Petr Gumennik: There are chances. I can say for sure. I will try to use them. To do this, I need to show my maximum at all the competitions I take part. And at the test skates in Chelyabinsk too.


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