“In sports, we’re required to win medals and treat children gently at the same time, but this doesn’t work that way.” Alexei Zheleznyakov about criticism of Tutberidze’s methods

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Choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov spoke about criticism of the coach Eteri Tutberidze.

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Earlier, the honored coach of the USSR Valentin Nikolaev called Tutberidze a “tough general manager”, but not a “coach of the highest class.”

Alexei Zheleznyakov: There were so many of such statements! I started working with Eteri Georgievna 15 years ago. I have seen her become a great coach before my very eyes. Yes, she has a serious team, but you can’t do now without a serious team. Eteri Georgievna picked up a team of real professionals. That is why such figures call her a manager. When Evgenia Medvedeva grew up with her, she, in fact, did it herself.

I have advice for all these statement givers. Come to the training first and see how she works, how she gives material to students. After that, to call her just a manager, not a coach language does not turn.

Eteri is a great coach. More precisely: both a great manager and a great coach. Because she managed to gather the best team around her. Try it. How many coaches have great teams? Few. But she did it. Moreover, she herself understands both techniques, and gliding, and choreographing programs, and she comes to my class with an understanding of the matter – she understands choreography, dance styles. She is always learning, never stopps.

I just don’t have enough words! People who have never seen how Tutberidze works do not have the right to open their mouths about this. This is just slander. People love to chat, dance on other people’s bones – just to get glory. This is low and unworthy. Especially when it comes to coaches from the times of the USSR – they have such an upbringing. You must have the boundaries of professional ethics, you must be correct in relation to your colleagues. I think it’s a shame to allow yourself to say so.

Alexey Zheleznyakov also told what the coaches Stanislav Zhuk and Eteri Tutberidze have in common.

Alexey Zheleznyakov: Stanislav Zhuk is the greatest coach of his generation. Tutberidze is the greatest coach of her generation. Each of them is individual, each of them had his own approach, but one thing unites them – exactingness. That Zhuk was very demanding of his athletes, so is Eteri. Without this, there will be no result.

There is no need to talk about some kind of softness in big sports. Children, especially teenagers, are kind of lazy. Yes, we are all lazy! And we often need to be forced to do something. When I was studying, we had very demanding and tough choreographers, and now I am very grateful to them. Without it, I would be nothing.

Not demanding is a road to nowhere. In sports, we are required to win medals, titles and treat children gently at the same time, but this does not work that way.

You know, this European tolerance, which came to us from there, kills the whole process. I can’t stand all this talk about Tutberidze’s toughness. Come to training and see for yourself – who is tough and who is demanding.


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