Pavel Drozd: There is always a room for improvement

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Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd debuted at senior level started the season at Lombardia Trophy. Pavel shared his impressions:

We’re happy with competitions in Bergamo. We are glad to have a good performance at the debut senior competition, and it’s very pleasant that we were able to win our first senior medal. Of course we worried a bit, because senior’s life it’s like a new stage in sports career. We start everything from the scratch, it was interesting to see how we would be judged. We are glad that generally we were judged well.

But there are things we need to work on and thanks to this competition and test skates we realized what we need to improve. Moreover, we understand perfectly well that our first competitions at senior Grand Prix is in a month and we need to take into account all the comments in order to prepare responsibly for the competitions in Canada.

We are pleased with our performance of both dances in Italy, but of course the free dance is more difficult in some aspects and it takes more time in preparation. Of course, we have something to improve in both programs, but especially we need to work on the free dance. It requires refinement, but it’s more interesting. There is always a room for improvement. We need to work on ourselves in very many and different aspects. This work is interesting, but also difficult. However, we try to go step by step, improving the work in each direction. It is very difficult to achieve immediate results.

Plans for the season – perform decently at the Grand Prix, to make ourselves known. The main goal of the season, if we abstract from points and places, is to perform decently, show ourselves and get remembered. The Olympic cycle comes to an end, a new one is coming. Therefore, we need to be perceived as a good, serious senior pair.

We had a chance to see Bergamo. The city is small, but very interesting. You can feel the spirit of the Middle Ages … especially Chita Alta – in the High City, where the era of the Middle Ages is really felt. And, of course, it was nice to be back in Italy. To plunge into the Italian atmosphere, to speak Italian and to practice it again … We are glad that we not only performed successfully, but also visited such a beautiful city.

by Aleksei Zubakov


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