Pang Qing will train Han Yan and Zijun Li

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Vancouver 2010 silver medalist in pair skating Pang Qing will train Chinese skaters Han Yan and Li Zijun. The team will train in the United States.

Moreover, for the first time in history with Chinese pairs will work foreign specialist –  Canadian David Pelletier. Also to the Chinese coaching team returned famous coach Li Mingzhu.

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First of all I’m happy to hear that Chinese federation don’t give up on Han Yan after his more than just disappointing result at Worlds 2016. He has one of the most beautiful and impressive triple axel in the world and great skating skills! And it’ll be a tragedy to loose such talant.

Li Zijun is obviously best Chinese girl and if they want to try to fight for the Olympic team medal, they need to get her at least into the shape of 2013. Li is a beautiful skater, her programs are always lovely and elegant, but she need to improve her shape and add some speed and power to her skating. I don’t want to see her “dying” in the middle of the free program.

But I don’t really understand how pair skater Pang Qing will help single skaters. She can polish their programs, work with them on lines…..but the main problem for Han and Li is technical side of the program. How she can help, for example Yan with a quad? Maybe, as I said she will be in charge of “polishing” and Li Mingzhu (Chen Lu’s coach) will be in charge of techical side of preparation?

I also haven’t heard about David Pelletier as a coach. But this cooperation sounds interesting.



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