Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin: You must earn the judges’ favour

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Interview with Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin after Grand-prix in Helsinki 2018. by Anatoli Samokhvalova for [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [28.10-04.11.2018]

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I almost forgot to do Instagram review) Part 1 “On the ice” Olivia Smart and Adria Diaz Vanessa James [...]

Alina Zagitova: When I come home and fall from tiredness, I understand that I don’t need quads yet

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Interview with Alina Zagitova after Grand-prix in Helsinki 2018. Alina, in the free program were you nervous on [...]

Alina Zagitova: We are not robots to skate always clean

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Alina Zagitova about mistake in the short program at GP in Helsinki. Alina, what was the reason of your mistake in [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: If Zagitova and Medvedeva skate their programs clean, Tuktamysheva will not beat them

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Evgeni Plushenko about Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: If Zagitova and Medvedeva skate [...]

Meagan Duhamel: I was happy when I was skating and now I’m just as much happy

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Meagan Duhamel. Pre-story from Elena Vaitsekhovskaya: the famous Canadian [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: It was terrible to forget the program in Moscow, but at the same time very funny

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Evgenia Medvedeva. People who had the opportunity to watch your trainings in [...]

Victoria Sinitsina: The idea to team up became our common risk

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Big interview with Victoria Sinitsina. About partnership with Nikita Katsalapov, life in America and growing [...]