Daria Panenkova: “Tutberidze’s jokes were offensive to me. Now I’m more mature and, if she joked the same way, I would just laugh”

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Interview with Daria Panenkova. About training in the group of Tutberidze, coaching and loud transfers of the [...]

‘I want to keep in shape so that I can be ready at any time’ Alina Zagitova about her trainings

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Alina Zagitova told about her trainings. photo 5-tv.ru Alina Zagitova: Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Now I [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [25.09-02.10.2020]

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“On the Ice” Sara Hurtado Olivia Smart Emmi Peltonen Evgenia Medvedeva Ashley [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: It would be cool if there was an opportunity to perform in a pair with Nathan Chen

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Anna Shcherbakova's interview for Nike. About goals, motivation and pair skating. by Nike vk group, text version by [...]

“I think Trusova and Kostornaia rushed with their decision” Sergei Dobrin about scandalous transfers of the season

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Interview with Sergei Dobrin, a coach who refused to work with Tutberidze a few years ago. About scandalous transfers [...]

“I always said that I wouldn’t be a coach” Fedor Klimov about starting a coaching career

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At the Russian Cup in Syzran you may have noticed new face behind the board. Olympic silver medalist Fedor Klimov told [...]

Maria Kazakova and Georgy Reviya: At the senior level, pairs are more respectful of each other

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Interview with Georgian ice dancers Maria Kazakova and Georgy Reviya. by Maria Tchernysheva-Melnik for matchtv.ru [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: “There will be more transfers, and big ones”

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Evgeni Plushenko about scandals in Russian figure skating, publishing of Zagitova's private conversations and rumours [...]

Stanislava Konstantinova: “Step by step” is my motto since the beginning of summer

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Stanislava Konstantinova who also switched to Plushenko's Academy "Angels of Plushenko" about start of the season at [...]

Instagram review: best photos of the week [18.09-25.09.2020]

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“On the Ice” Annabel Morozov and Andrei Bagin Tiffany Zagorski and Jonathan Guerreiro Evelyn [...]

Ilia Averbukh: I don’t welcome publishing private correspondence, but it was a step of despair

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Ilia Averbukh explained the reasons for a new round of conflict between the two top schools (and, by the way, [...]

Elena Radionova: I squeezed the maximum of me

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Bronze medalist of the 2015 World Championship, the first-ever two-time world junior champion Elena Radionova [...]

Evgeni Plushenko: “I don’t want my athletes to be a flash, a one-off story: they jumped, won something and disappeared”

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Interview with Evgeni Plushenko. About taboo on profanity, Mishin's simulators, Trusova's jumps and Medvedeva's [...]