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Producer and director Ari Zakarian told about his idea to establish the saward for figure skaters, similar to cinematic Oscar” and football Golden ball”. 

For example there is a dream in life of any actor to receive the “Oscar”, and it a great honor even only to be nominated for this award. In football there is the “Golden Ball” and its presentation always has a great resonance in the world. And there is no such kind of award in figure skating, which is the most popular winter sport. But with joint efforts it may soon appear. The negotiations about it are underway with the guidance of the International Skating Union (ISU). Although a final decision hasn’t been made, the idea was met positively. – Zakarian said

Zakarian also emphasised that the prise will be awarded not only in the nomination “Best athlete of the year“,  best coaches, choreographers, costume authors will also be nominated.

The best will be chosen as objectively as possible. The role of the referee in this case will be entrusted to multiple audiences – skaters, members of national federations, coaching councils, journalists and even ordinary fans, who will be able to vote online. Each of nominations (and their list is large), will be named after a person, who first made a great contribution to his work.

About the dates for the award:

Presumably, the presentation of the annual award will take place during the traditional gala show at the end of a large figure skating start, including  World Championships.  To organize this technically is quite simply. 

In Zakarian’s opinion the new project will be implemented after the World CHampionships in Boston. 

the source: tass.ru

I think it’s a great idea! Skaters deserve an additional opportunity to shine. And I’m hope for the red carpet with dresses and tailcoats!) I already can imagine it!

Ashley Wagner Adam Rippon

Tarah Lipinski, Johnny Weir

Yep, it should be awesome! )


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  1. Ebru says:

    Sorry to say Plushenko wasn’t in top form. He has only been back in competitive sktiang 6 months after having had retired 4 years ago and it showed. While he didn’t have any falls, he looked wobbly and seemed to try to cover up a number of mistakes with his wonderful flourishes. Lysacek skated an absolutely clean if not overly inspiring program and deserved the gold. Even Plushenko admitted as much after the program although he criticized Lysacek for not doing a quad. I don’t remember Plushenko doing a quad. Anyway, Putin’s exasperation has more to do with what is a very poor Russian performance at the Olympic games. They didn’t even pick up a medal in the pairs, which they had dominated for decades, and have fallen way short of expectations. Hopefully, they will get their act together by 2014 when the games are in Sochi.

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