“Once I had to undress at the airport and walked wearing just a bra” Evgenia Medvedeva shared another embarrassing story

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Evgenia Medvedeva shared embarrassing stories on the TV show and told how she had to undress at the airport because she wore inappropriate clothes.

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source: “I know myself” youtube channel / text version sports.ru

Evgenia Medvedeva: In short, I arrive at the airport. It doesn’t matter, in Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo… I really love wide sweaters and all sorts of hoodies with all sorts of decoration, and I, as an absolutely smart person, decided to wear a hoodie with such huge iron studs, plaques, and all kinds of chains to the airport. They are clinging right to the hoodie. And, since it was such an early autumn, I didn’t put on a T-shirt underneath; I put it on as outerwear and went like this. Yeah, I was wearing only bras. 

I went to the security control, and of course they told me to take everything out of my pockets and take off my shoes. And I go through this squeaker (metal detector), and this “beep” starts. And they see that I’m wearing these chains and stuff like this, and they say, “Take it off.” I say, “I will not take off.” They tell me, “Take it off because you are beeping. Take it off. We can’t let you through like that; we need you to take off your outer clothes.” So I say, “I don’t have anything underneath; I won’t take it off.”

As a result, they called security and began to figure out what happened. In the end, I was forced to take off this hoodie. I had to go througth wearing just a bra.

I was not alone there; did you ever go through security at Sheremetyevo? There were a lot of people, a queue, people were breathing straight into each other’s back. I was already popular, and when I put on a hoodie, a girl came up to me, “Zhenya, can I take a picture with you?”


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