Oleg Vasiliev: Little girls shouldn’t be allowed to compete at Russian Nationals

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Oleg Vasiliev about results of Russain Nationals 2019 in ladies’ skating.

Oleg Vasiliev: I have already told, I my opinion little girls should not be allowed to compete at Russian Nationals. The European Championship is literally in three weeks, and no one will benifit from psychological breakdowns of our senior girls. Juniors have enough competitions dutring the season to keep in shape and learn to compete. The senior Russian Nationals should be the competitions among seniors. And the results once again prove my words that nobody needs it.

He also said that participation of strong juniors didn’t affect Medvedeva’s failures in the short program and Zagitova’s in the free program:

– Little girls have nothing to do with it. Each has a difficult psychological situation, today sport in genereall and figure skating in particular is on the verge of human abilities. The fact that such breakdowns happene literally out of the blue is an indication that athletes go over the edge.

by Andrei Simonenko for rsport.ria.ru


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One response to “Oleg Vasiliev: Little girls shouldn’t be allowed to compete at Russian Nationals”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Wow, don’t even know where to begin with this guy!! He even contradicts himself!

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