Oleg Vasiliev about Bazarova – Deputat parting

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Oleg Vasiliev told about Vera Bazarova Andrei Deputat parting.

Recently Vera Bazarova announced that she’s finishing her sporting career:

Starting from new year I’ll no longer be a member of the national team. Perhaps this decision is not final, but at the moment we can’t work together in our team. There are a number of reasons. Andrei is looked for a new partner, and I’ll take a break. I still haven’t decided about future plans. I need a little rest, at least a month or two, and then I’ll think about the future. I don’t exclude the resumption of my career. In the meantime, I’d like to thank people, who have been near in recent years, for cooperation. The leaders of the National Federation of figure skating Alexander Gorshkov and Aleksandr Kogan, they always supported me. Thank to my coach Oleg Vasiliev, he gave me a lot as to an athlete. In the future, this experience will be useful in any activity. Thank to choreographer Lyudmila Vlasova, who took a great part in my life. Thank to coach Victor Kudryavtsev, who till the end was helping to improve my results. And, of course, thank to Mordovia. Thank to Mordovian fans who have supported me for many years. Good luck to Andrei Deputat. I think everything will be fine and he will find a new partner, with whom he’ll achieve  greater results than with me. – Vera said

According to Oleg Vasiliev, Vera’s decision to finish her career was a shocking news for him and for leadership of Russian Federation of figure skating.

How did you parted with Bazarova?

– It’s possible to say that ok, even good, without offenses and reproaches. Both sides understood what had happened. Vera regrets that she let the team down. It was just hard for her. Actually I also owe her in some way, through her established my cooperation with Mordovia.

Did a personal relationship with Andrew become the reason for parting? Recently, Deputat married an Olympic champion in ice dancing Ekaterina Bobrova …

– I don’t think so. They had only working relationship. But lately, Vera couldn’t regularly attend training due to micro traumas and diseases, so the progress stopped. There were no personal disagreements between them.

Did you have serious plans for the season in regard to this pair?

– Of course. Were planned performances at international competitions, including two Grand Prix. A lot was planned, but all remained unfulfilled. I can’t say whether Vera temporarily stopped cooperation with the Federation of figure skating. What can be done, anything can happen in sports, someone leaves, others come … Apparently, the athlete hasn’t coped with assigned tasks. Honestly, she tried, but didn’t turn out. She didn’t want to shake the other’s nerves and give empty promises, so she decided to finish her career. It’s better than to suffer herself and torture the others. At least she acted honestly. It’s a very correct decision.

Alexandra Proklova will be Deputat’s new partner?

– Yes, we are working with Alexandra. First impressions are good. There are not a lot of girls who want to do pairs. Among everyone we have Proklova is a pretty good option. She’s quite compact, with jumps. And most importantly, she wants to do pair skating. When there is a great desire, you can achieve a lot.

How long does it takes to prepare a new pair for competitions?

– It’s hard to answer, only time will tell. Usually, the first results appear within five to six months of joint work. If we start now, we’ll see something like a pair in the spring. I hope we’ll be able to show something at the Russian local competitions at the end of the sports season. The girl came from single skating, so it’s early to say more.

How does Andrei feel? After all, because of his injury pair withdrew from Skate Canada?

–  It wasn’t an injury, but a micro hernia in the intervertebral disc. Now the question is solved, nothing prevents him from trainings.

Has parting with Bazarova affected his psychological state?

– It has affected everyone involved in the process. It’s not easy for Andrei and Vera, me, choreographer, Federation …Everyone has invested in this project: someone finances, someone body and soul, someone time. The project did not materialize, so there was a wave of disappointment.



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