Nina Mozer: The Sochi Games were a holiday, these ones were a severe test

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Translation of the rest parts of recent press conference with Russian skaters and coaches.

part with Eteri Tutberidze is here: Eteri Tutberidze: Figure skating is not getting younger, it’s evolving

Alexandra Trusova who was the first to perform two quads in the programs behaved modestly in public. She answered the questions shortly and in a childish way.

Are not you afraid to perform quadruple jumps?

Alexandra: No, I’m never afraid to jump quads. I’m afraid to fall, yes. When did I start trying them? A year ago. I’ve been trying for a long jumped, then it turned out.

Do you have a chance to rest?

Tutberidze answered this question instead of Alexandra. In a tough way.

Ereti: She likes to rest. On New Year’s Eve, practically without informing us, she went to the Emirates for ten days, and we got a not very ready athlete. So she likes to rest, do not worry. I’m very glad that it turned out to show two quads in the free program. Because the situation when we announced it but didn’t do, bothered me. Yes, it was the peak shape. But in the same shape she was when she went to the Emirates.

Alina Zagitova told about her nail art.

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Alina: I prepare thoroughly for each manicure. I’m thinking over the details for a week. It started from the beginning of the junior season, when I painted Russian flag on my nails for the first time. Since then, every time I do a tricolor and something else. Sometimes I do something else. Clearly, at the Olympics, there was no tricolor.

Nina Mozer: I am satisfied with the results of the season. Pairs performed well. At the European Championships, we won the whole pedestal. We understood where we go and why. You know that one our pair was knocked out. Not a very good sign. Therefore, the Olympics was a difficult test for me. The Sochi Games were a holiday, these ones were a severe test. Our pair Tarasova and Morozov did not reach the pedestal at the Olympics, but did better at the World Championships. Experience will help them at the next Games.

I’m not going to leave figure skating at all. I leave the insane work schedule. It is necessary to restore health. I’m taking a timeout for six months, but I will still come to trainings, advise. In the autumn I will finally understand, whether I want to go this way  again or I will just help. But I’m staying in figure skating.

Mikhail Kolyada: Many strong skaters didn’t come to the World Championships, but this does not cancel the status of the competitions. Why did everyone fall? The season was intense. The Olympics have ended  justrecently, the most important competition in life, many just did not have time to recover. We bet on a clean skate. Now I need a timeout. After all, we are only human.

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  1. Mad for Skating says:

    “One pair was knocked out. Not a very good sign.”

    Sometimes I think these coaches don’t quite understand the excruciating pain we fans go through…

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