Nikolaj Majorov: “I’ve always looked up to Daisuke Takahashi, who switched from singles to ice dance. Given that I’ve always been interested in ice dance, I felt it was also the right path for me to take.”

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Nikolaj Majorov, one of Sweden’s best male figure skaters, has decided to switch disciplines and start a new venture towards the world top in ice dancing.

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“It still feels a bit unreal to be making this transition and continuing my career in figure skating. Everything is very new and different, especially going from skating alone to skating in a pair. But it’s very exciting, and I feel happy and excited to start this now,” says Nikolaj Majorov.

Majorov has been struggling with a back injury that has limited the 22-year-old in training and competition. After the 2023 Swedish Nationals, he decided to take a break from competition to focus on recovery and rehab training for his back. He had been interested in ice dance for a while, and during his break, he took the opportunity to test the discipline.

“It’s been a tough time as I’ve been fighting the pain in my back, and after the Nationals, I needed to take a break from the heavy load that jump training puts on my back. I’ve always been interested in ice dance and tried it out a little, but never really had a reason to try it seriously. Now, I could try it seriously without it affecting my regular training.”

After some training, the decision was made to pursue ice dance, and the search for a partner began.

“I was at a crossroads, and it was either to end my career as my back couldn’t handle jumping anymore or to continue with ice dance. It was an easy decision in the end, as I felt I had so much more to give. I’ve always looked up to Daisuke Takahashi from Japan, who switched from singles to ice dance and placed 11th at the World Championships this year. Given that I’ve always been interested in ice dance, I felt it was the right path for me to take, and I started looking for a partner. I was prepared for it to take some time, but it went faster than I thought, and this weekend, we will start working on our competition programs.”

The newly formed ice dance dou will represent Sweden and aim to start competing as soon as next season.

“We found each other quickly on the ice, and it felt somehow felt very easy. Probably because we are quite similar in terms of personality. We are both very ambitious, and we have high goals. We know the road to the top is long, but we both want to take it and are prepared to work hard to get there.”

Sports Director Anna Burwall is looking forward to the new pursuit.

“It’s very exciting that Sweden now has an ice dance team at the senior level. They have trained together for a very short time and are at the beginning of their pursuit, but they already show great potential. I look forward to following them on this journey and hope that they will inspire others to dare to take new paths in sports.”


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